U.R.L—Unlearn. Relearn. Learn

What is wisdom if the knowledge of understanding is pale?
Where then is their relationship if their ship refuses to sail?
Mr. ‘Know It All’ feels he knows it all,
Whereas, the all-knowing knows all but null.

Old things are passing away;
Newer news are passing by
The New Age is a finger snap away
This wind of change blows as time flies.

The art of science is technology;
The need for speed is fast and furious,
Yesterday’s crafts are now tech null logy,
Today’s robots are unrulily fast and curious.

There are more arrows to hit tomorrow,
Let your will be willing and let your will barrow.
Learn to grow and learn to let go,
Unlearn. Relearn and learn the volatile flow.

Learning never stops; never stop learning,
Never cease to yearn and never cease yearning.
In all ways, always flame your heart to desire;
Change is a firebrand, always follow the fire.

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