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The Costly Cost

Our friendship used to be
As tight as a virgin’s lap,
But things fell apart and
We were no longer at ease.

I told her being human
Isn’t an excuse for always
Making mistakes, but
Deep down in my down,
I didn’t want to cum
The day she asked me to come.

After a short prayer
In her house,
We did studied the Book of Romance,
Then, the man in my hood
Rounded off as a closing preyer.

I had to borrow
A friend’s ship to sail her
To the hospital because,
Our friendship had been broken.
On our way, I came across my niggas,
But I refused to say “Hi men!”
Because I’d broken the hymen.

Alas, she gave down the spirit
And gave up the ghost!
I had a cost to count
I had a lesson to learn
From Alero’s error.

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