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Powers of a Stripper Pen

Today she is a predator
Tommorow a wise dictator
Her personality is the truth in her nudity
Like a nude model
Her nude represents the art of nobel.

When the eyes behold her charming images
Then comes the andrenaline rush suitable for all ages
Her weapon of fact and fantasy breaches the understanding of men
Because each truth opens up a history
That commands a whole clan to a war of mystery.

In the morning time she is a shooter
But at night she is a stripper
One who unveils the rawness in her
Twisting your mind in various ways,
By the letters of her words.

Her blood is made of ink
As she writes life in pages, leaving you to sink
In the ocean of stories
Embracing the naked beauty of nature
Like Adam and Eve before the serpents capture.

Her name is Stripper Pen
She is every writer’s love
For she helps her lover tell the naked truth to the world.

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