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I Cheated

I need you online.
Or… on my bedside.
When you’re offline, I presumed you are off, off with other guys.
Having late night dinner, maybe some chicken, with salads?
… but you’re my side chick anyways, so what’s really there to feel bad about?
I’mma hit/heat on your friend while eating chilli pepper and some french fries.
Sorry, I ain’t really sorry I cheated, I don’t even feel bad.
Trying to keep my circle square, yo cuz, let’s order pizza?
… you used to be the apple of my eyes, but… man!
…I left you for something Microsoft, and I need my Vista/Visa.
I met this other girl, she’s so thick as fuck, I could cut it with a butter knife.
This other girl had this rotary planet behind her, c’mon now girl, you know I couldn’t resist that.
Inflated buttcheeks is like my kryptonite.
I am Batman Dark, put the D in you, and C you create my universe
… But your ass, yours looked like the 32inch TV screen I bought last Christmas.
Or was it summer?
Phew! I can hardly remember.
But, who cares though? I a-FORD-ed it, AUDI-ble enough?
… you ain’t worth shit, that’s why I sold both for 12 dollars.


Baby, let’s lash.
… whipped cream.

Wanna marry you in the food court, here’s my onion ring.

I like it when you call me bae, let’s top that with some mayonnaise.
… I hope my ex comes to my wedding, she’s always love to climax.
Served you cold justice, how do you prefer your deflated Orange?
Technically a test of your own medicine and you’re all drained.

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