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I was born an eagle
but then, my people
never taught me to fly
they believed I was unequal

so then I was raised
a man’s tool aid
to cook and sew
they never believed
in what I could do

And oh, they taught me
That all I needed was to marry
The man whom I would give offsprings
only then would I fulfill my calling

Sold to a fingerling
Whom was proud and unnerving
I became a slave
Not worth more than a shilling

He did chase and catch
All the young women with a latch
While I stayed home and waning
Why was I even complaining?

When he’d finally come home
Where I was and all alone
My body became a field for sport
With time, I’d lost count of the scores

My voice was dragged and seized
And with time, seized to exist
But then I had to be humble
For the home I’d built not to crumble

My purpose of birth had been fulfilled
My fate on earth had long been sealed
To birth male children and to join
Hands to bring joy to husband’s loins

I was born an eagle
But then, my people
Never thought me to fly
They believed I was unequal

With a failing heart
And a sight unequal
I see my little girl
Has joined the sequel.

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