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All Lives Matter

Priority is simultaneous to superiority,
When one is more relevant than the other.
Fragility is the dexterity of inferior complexity;
If in hierarchical order one comes after the other.

We might be of different numbers; but we’re all one,
We might be of different races lo! The race of Life is all we run,
No one comes before anyone else,
Neither is anyone above everyone else.

We all matter!

An ill to one is an ill to all,
A fall of one is a fall of all,
A victory to one is a victory to all,
In unity we stand, in adversity we fall.

Let every head count!
Keep counting! All lives count
A counter will cause a body count,
Let lives count! Pay a check to the counter! Let it count!

Skin doesn’t define a man,
Being human is human being a man,
We’re all that matters,
Let every life be cherished, every live matters.

One World Peace,
United Nations…

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