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Towards the Spotlight

In the begining was a beautiful beginning,
Reality was as good as dreaming,
Let the talking drum welcome the coming dawn,
Alas! November 5 came and a gem was born…

My joy has come, the joy is need be
Third seed of the family tree,
“How did I get here?” the question remains rhetorical,
Logical is critical cos the answer was biblical,
Raised by a Godly mother, a God-fearing father,
Godly morals are priceless, couldn’t trade them by batter.

But when the hard gets going, the going get harder,
Endurance is when you climb max till you no longer see the ladder.
Life was so green with a deep blue dream,
A dream that couldn’t realize until reality clocked a teen.

The journey to the mind was the power trip,
A paradigm shift, the stupendous drift,
There came the ribboned gift,
Unwrapping the wrap around the little finger,
I vowed ‘I would’, I swore to timber…

Found solace in lacing ink on paper,
Indeed! Nexus was a matchmaker,
A night shaker, the day breaker,
Indeed! Talent is a miracle worker, a way maker.

“You can be a budding Shakespeare,”
“Be unique, don’t be like every other Shakespeare.”
The mind is golden; just be a miner,
For when a finder has found his path, he becomes a pathfinder.

Dexterity is in love with creativity,
Fell and traversed in gravity.
Explored and ploughed Shakespeare’s virginity,
Digging dug dignity.

The mine became mine,
A fine wine made of a new Vine,
Definition is redefined,
As the art was resigned.

What a life!
Multitudes married my muse and became a wife,
Verily! There are more to come than what is gone,
She said, “Never outshine the master, just shine your shine dear son.”

I ate her food for thought with a silver spoon,
Her name is Poetry, transformation from a glaring gloom to a blaring boom.

From the dark room, twinkles are we to the dark night,
As we forge ahead, heading towards the spotlight.

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