The Palm, the Wine and the Gourd

The Palm, the Wine and the Gourd—ZenPens

Palm is to wine
As gourd is to drunkards.
Titi would not drink her tea,
For she prefers to be whined
Before she takes her wine.

Pamela would not leave the passage
Till she has her palm greased
With the kernels from the palm.

And the guards will not listen
To our pleas, to our yearnings
That guards shouldn’t grab with
Their palm, gourds to drink
Wine while on duty.

We all have palm lines inscribed
In our palms, but when you see a guard
With a gourd, or a drunkard
Who has drunk hard,
Don’t whine him to drink wine.
Not even in a wine T-shirt.

The palm tree is high and tall
You need wine to get high,
Disclaimer: No guard to guide you
And your gourd when you fall
To the floor with your gourd.

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