Sunrise at Midnight

The shackles of other times spread across
the nitty-gritty of our bitter-sweet village.
It was never in the mine. Like cream sauce,
our village children licked it as a group of kids pillage.
Everywhere anybody went, it was: ‘Sunrise at Midnight’, ‘Sunrise at Midnight’. We all could not forget it and for once pause
to think of other happenings of the village knight.
On my own part, It was very strange.
Thus, is my strange night of change:
The evening before, mom bade me goodnight
after our usual yam foo-foo and vegetables for dinner.
Dad too, vehemently bade me nice night.
And oft I slept peacefully like a prize winner.
In my bed, enjoying the rosy evening bell,
of sweet dreams as I embark.
And in my sleep, no sadness or farewell
As I saw moons dancing in the dark.
But all of a sudden,
It seemed like the sun was lying beside me.
I woke up so laden
with sleepy eyes, to see dad, Mr Thompson Ghee.
But through the window, I saw poor chickens
staggering like drunkards with sleepy eyes
to the house of our village deacons
to ask if the rapture had taken place.
The soothsayers who were to attend meetings
were caught unaware by the sunrise at midnight.
The witches, like of Endor, changed their greetings ’cause of the eeriness of the village plight.
We had shorter night and longer day
Dew started to fall on us
Everybody’s disposition was gay
Oh! so tragic, the sun which rose at midnight, caught us

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