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Miranda (Episode Five)

Continued from the last part…

Wales joined Mira in the waiting room.

“Let me show you around, shall we?” He smiled, outstretched hand.

She took it, walking with him to a giant glass cup stand that was firmly pinned to the wall in the waiting room.

Gabriella sat behind her desk, scoffing at the new girl who seems to be a threat.

“There are varieties of cups here, different shapes, different designs but, Robert wouldn’t drink from any aside this,” Wales started, he gently brought out a blue mug cup from the thousand cups in the cupboard.

“Very, very clean cup, he wouldn’t drink from a dirty cup, that actually is the first rule.” He pushed a smile, gently dropping the mug back in it space.

“Always serve him on a tray, I think he likes your mix already, you mightn’t be having too much issues with him. He’s a very nice man, Of course putting his mood swings and temper at side.” He snorted doing his tie properly.

“Come.” Once again, took her hand in his and gave it light smooching. So soft.

“How old?” He looked down beside his shoulder, feeding his eyes with her slightly painted face, brown eyes, pointed nose, very small lip and blonde hair.


He smiled, if only Robert would let this young Berry be, he would love to have her all to himself.

He held his breath as he walked her through a quiet passage, she fed her eyes, looking left and right while reading inscription at the top of each door they passed.

It took him ages remixing the question, he didn’t want to sound embarrassing. “Robert, he said anything?”

Mira frowned, the question was incomplete, she guessed.

“I mean, he said anything like bed warming?” He snorted, looking straight in his front, he had learnt to boldly walk up to ladies and offer them pennies for bed warming, courtesy of his naughty boss.

“No,” she snapped, she was getting tired of the long walk already.

“He never said—”

Before he could end his speech, she rudely yanked her hand off his, she was becoming uncomfortable. He kneaded his paws embarrassingly.

The remaining few seconds was silent, for him, uncomfortably silent, to her, it was a relief and it couldn’t get any better.

“Here,” he said turning left and inserting a key in the door. He let her go in first, feeding his eyes with her back view, he just saw her better, straight shape, slender and average height. She looked smaller than her said age.

“This is my office, our office,” he broke the silence, sitting behind his desk.

She looked around, there were three tables in the large office room, two standing air conditioner, a divan, a refrigerator, surprisingly a drink counter hung above the refrigerator and… everything an office occupied by Robert’s personal assistant should have.

“He’s sullen.” Wales voice brought her back, she looked in front of her to catch his eyes roaming her, he switched his balls at once, looking in the system in front of him.

“I have heard a lot about him, I don’t know which is true,” she said making herself comfortable opposite him.

“What have you heard about my boss?” leaning forward, he asked.

“That he goes with everything under skirt,” she said under the cushion of a question.

His frivolous grinning got her wondering if she had said anything silly.

“Yes, Robert is the ladies’ man,” he confirmed.

She went down in the mouth, smirking, he spoke “He doesn’t force his way in, so you are safe as long as you don’t give in.”

She snorted. What a relief, she thought he forcefully took his female staff as rumoured.

“You should learn not to argue with him, he’s always right.”

“Rule number two,” she murmured in her head.

“He spoke to me about you the previous night, so tell me, has he offered you anything to warm his bed?” he maliciously tried getting the fact. Truth be told, Robert hasn’t said a thing about Mira to him.

“Not really.”

“But he did?” He gave a shit-eating grin, he was able to get something at least.

“Somewhat, not really straight, I don’t know if it was what I thought but…” She swallowed hard, wondering if it was right to discuss something she wasn’t sure of with Wales.

“I understand, you can always lean on me, I am your friend, and Robert, he would throw it at you soonest, I mean don’t you think there’s a catch? A college student as his personal assistant? He never needed an additional one, I am here”

His words got her thinking, maybe there really was a catch. She wasn’t worthy to wipe his shoes, talk more of a personal assistant.

“What annoys him? I need to know so that I would tread with caution,” she asked.

Scraping his head with his index finger, he checked for dos and donts.

“Serve him on a tray, with his favorite clean mug. Don’t question his orders. You see him smashing a co-worker, mind your business. Do every damn thing he wants, he loves honesty, loyalty and punctuality,” he listed.

Mira breathed.

Wales seemed to know a lot about Robert, it would be so easy running to him for help if she ever messed things up.

“You know so much, you went through this session too? I mean the rules were read to you?”

“No, I learnt them. I have worked with him for three years.” He smiled, not really a wide one though but it was obviously a smile. He seemed to have reasons to smile, Mira wondered if there was something pushing those smiles from the inside.

“A very long time it is, how come you are still here? I heard the longest a staff stayed was six months.” She was wowed, he must know a lot about Robert then.

“I studied him through the first six months, I followed the rules and here I am, earning $3500 monthly.” He winked.

Her eyes dilated, that was so much.

“How much did he offer?” He threw at her seeing the surprise on her face.


He chuckled, his flippancy was peeving.

“That’s so much, I started with $200, he increased it after a year and every single year, it kept going up. Robert is really after something you know?” He winked, chuckling at once.

She snorted uncomfortably, it had better not be true, she would not sleep with him even for a limousine.

He stood up from behind the desk, drifted around for few seconds.

Coming to sit on the wooden table covered with foam and leather, he faced her with his forehand running across her face. Her brows scrunched, he smiled again, very peeving.

“One important rule, in case you get down with him, he doesn’t mix work with feelings, once he’s done with you, he’s done. It takes just once,” he warned, it was not really a warning, it was his way of blocking Robert from having her, he was so interested in this Berry and he needed to start acting fast as he was no match with his boss.

But, there was an atom of truth in everything he said, even though he knew it might plant hatred in Mira’s heart, all he cared about was having her as his woman and not a one night stand.

He stood on his feet, walking straight to the refrigerator to get her tipsy, he had plans of smooching her on the divan if she ever got drunk. The office was the best place to do that as Robert hardly came to that part of the building.

“You care?” he asked pouring whiskey in cups containing ice.

“No,” she declined, he gave her a quick look.

“You don’t drink?”

He would have been disappointed to get a yes, moreover, she was twenty-one, an adult and must have had this numerous times. Maybe whiskey wasn’t her taste, he would just grab a brandy in the wooden bar over the refrigerator.

She was going to say something when the door knob turned, flung carelessly, it gave loud echos, behind the force, was the boss, Robert Meyer.

Standing in the space with a spectacle wore on his eyes.

“What does he want now?” Wales cursed under his breath.

“Mira, you might want to leave now, I and Wales have to get down to work,” he addressed her, his two hands in his pockets and legs spread apart.

She nodded, hanging her bag firmly on her shoulder, she waved at Wales, he gulped down from one of the cups, very bitter, he could strangle Robert right now.

“I would look forward to tea tomorrow,” he reminded her as she passed him by.

Walking in and slamming the door, he occupied Mira’s previous seat.

“Hey, man. What? I didn’t do anything,” Wales protested seeing Robert’s furrowed brows.

“You were going to get her drunk, huh?” He whistled walking up to Wales, he grabbed the other cup and gulped it all.

Squeezing his face from the sour taste of the drink, he patted Wale’s shoulder. “Don’t be smarter than your boss, uhn, now, prepare the meeting with the Roman businessmen.”

Wales watched him stomp out of the room.

“Damn, Robert!” he hissed, slamming the ice contained cup against the table.

He was a servant at work but a friend outside the world of Castle Raiders International, CRI, that was Robert’s company’s name.

Robert wasn’t able to concentrate knowing that Mira was under the watch of a bad ass like himself. Wales had beaten him to it multiple times by taking women who they both had eyes for, to bed first.

In the case of Mira, he wouldn’t allow that, he wasn’t really sure if Wales had an eye for her but he felt like he did, Mira was too pretty a woman and she could easily turn heads. He had put calls across to Gabriella thrice to ask if she had seen them, her response were negative. He took it upon himself to barge in on them.

Thus, the tip toeing all the way to Wales office, and yeah, he came just at the right time. Few minutes late might meant Wales already smooching her unconscious body. He would have strangled Wales if he witnessed that ugly scene, Mira wasn’t among the ladies that could be lured into bed with little pennies and for this, he liked her, really much.

He jerked his suit forward as he passed Gabriella, returning back to his office.

“Robert.” Gabriella rushed at him, she was still at work, her session was to end by noon.

“What?” He frowned at her rudness.

“Everything, you haven’t apologized for the previous night.” She boldly stood in his front, daring him to do his worst.

“I paid you and I warned you, just once, I don’t do women twice, now out of my way,” he pronounced.

She stood there, holding the frame with her left hand and her waist with the other hand.

“And that new girl? Your latest whore?” she said. He flared, his nose blown and teeth clenched.

She flinched seeing his hotness, he grabbed her by the neck and walked her back to her work table, pinning her back to it, he unleashed hell. “Come here, I wouldn’t have you speak ill of her, she’s your boss, my personal assistant, you smelly whore!” he barked.

“Sir, easy, it’s a lady.” Wales came running. He was walking down the passage when he heard Robert’s thick and raised voice, the gasping of breath made him pick to his heels coming to rescue whoever Robert had bounced on.

“Watch it Gabriella, don’t, don’t talk about her or you get fired, fired, fired, fired,” he spat thowing her to the floor.

He annoyingly and unconsciously roamed the room.

“Get me whatever I might be forgetting in there, where the fish is this driver of mine?” he roared, directing some of his speech at Wales, he stormed out at once.

“Sorry, are you okay? What did you say to him? Look, you are too beautiful to suffer all of this, what about a business deal between us later at night? I would give you a treat,” Wales offered bending over to help her sit up.

She hissed, getting up on her own. “Y’all are fools, using bitches to your advantages, humbug!” she insulted.

He groaned, he quietly went into Robert’s office and shut down his system.

Minutes later, Wales joined Robert at the back seat of the Lamborghini.

“Out of work, we can roll as friends, right?” Wales requested, wanting to be sure he wouldn’t be compounding Robert’s anger.

“Meeting fixed?”

“Yes, 7:15am tommorow.”

Robert frowned, why would he have to fix a meeting so early in the morning?

“It’s the best, remember you haven’t had the time to strategize, I mean this Peyton you said was giving you problems, finish up with the meeting very early in the morning then we can sit to talk Peyton and her offers,” Wales convinced.

Hearing Peyton, he smiled. He would be meeting her soon, as soon as he got a mail from his sellers and he would sure smash her ass real hard.

Wales coughed, pulled his jacket to the front and spoke. “So, I caught you smiling? Who’s my friend thinking about? Mira? Peyton?”

He giggled, rubbing his hairless jaw. “Peyton, she looks soft, she ain’t an issue, I sure would have a taste. Mira? She’s proving stubborn”

Wales was interested in only Mira, he knew Robert wanted a taste of the poor innocent girl and nothing more. But, he wouldnt let that happen, he was in love with her already, have you heard the word ‘love at first sight?’ Yes, that was it.

“Is that why you offered her the job?” he asked looking outside the window.

“Maybe, she needs it too, I don’t want her to do much, you know she’s in college?”

Not convinced that Robert had no feelings for Mira, he went on digging. “You feel something for her?”

Robert chuckled, yanking his spectacle off his eyes, he faced Wales.

“I don’t want to talk about it, just make her comfortable, moreover, have you seen me loving? Ever ever? Never. So, maybe you have an answer.”

Wales snorted.

The car kissed silence.

Robert finally spoke. “You’re crushing”

Wales eyes bulged, he wouldn’t admit to that, Robert might be interested in the same lady, maybe for just a one night stand though, but he wouldn’t risk confessing what he felt about her, he had known Robert for long, it was unlike him barging into his PA’s office unannounced, he was definitely a big crush of Mira’s.

“No, not a bit,” he denied.

The bright simper on Robert’s face confirmed Wale’s fears, Robert had greater interest in Mira. He had to keep Mira far from Robert, he was just going to have her for a night as usual and disappear forever.

“Halt!” Robert screamed. Wales jerked, coming back to present.

“Berry, oh berry.” He held his chest, his eyes followed a black American lady whose back view might have caused the sudden madness.

“Her store has got good grades,” Wales remarked, he wasn’t seeing the lady though, he pictured Mira instead, she had gotten a better part of him.

“I bet I wouldn’t let this go,” Robert concluded, rushing out of the well-parked vehicle at once. Wales watched him skip across the road just to get the enticing lady for a night.

Remembering that he had fixed him up for a meeting that might never hold, as early as 7:15am the next day, there was no way he wouldn’t have Mira to himself for at least an hour or more before Robert crept in.

He breathed when he saw Robert returning back to the car.

“Just fixed her up for the night,” he announced slumping into the car’s back seat. Wales chuckled.

“What do you think about Mira?” Robert suddenly asked.

Wales rolled his eyes.

“She’s good,” he murmured, he murmured because his heart was bleeding underneath, he hoped Robert wasn’t going to talk about having a good night with her, he couldn’t watch that happen, Mira was his and his alone.

“She would make a good PA, she’s agile and can do more runing around than yourself, what a relief of duty.” He tickled Wales’ chest, Wales let out the breath he was holding, he almost swooned.

To be continued…

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