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Love You Ayomide

My joy is to see you smile,
For the love of you, I will walk a million mile.

Prime was the time you were born,
The glorious prime time like the set of the sun.

It’s amazing how amazing your grace is becoming,
For every eye is proud of the icon you’re becoming.

A Yahweh in his own way,
The pathway that paths the way.

The prince of piece that writes an Art of war,
The reason I fell in love and had a great fall.

You’re the song that my heart sings,
Verily! I fell for you like a fallen angel that lost wings.

You’re the Omega of my love,
A blessing sent from above.

My heart is yours sincerely,
Sooth serenade savours sweetly truly.

From this day and everyday,
Will I always love you Ayomide.

Love you Ayomide!

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