K.I.S.S—Keep It $tupid $imple

Expression is a comprehensive destruction
if ambiguity kills simplicity.
Elaboration becomes a complication
when normality acknowledges complexity.

You catch a muse in being verbose
but fail to fish out a point when spitting a sea,
How can intricacy swim in a literate sea if he’s drowning in the cruise?
It’s hard to misunderstand when it’s easy as ABC…

You’re wordy, keep your worth simple.
Brevity is clarity; clarity is quality.
Being simple will save you from being ample,
For dexterity is perplexity if she lacks a succinct ability.

Lay down a lay knowledge for the layman,
So that understanding can become of every man,
If this wisdom sprinkles, mental lights will twinkle,
Keep in touch when you shed the light, keep it stupid simple.

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