High Dares

To see a milestone, you need to walk an extra mile,
It will take a different art of seduction to make Mona Lisa smile,
But how can you think out of the box when the brain is the box?
And what is food for thought to a toddler if the baby sucks?

We live in a comfort zone where comfort has a throne,
Faint minds don’t make skeletal works, instead, they steal a bone and make a clone.
Like a slave in his enclave,
Creativity is enslaved in a cozy cave.

You need to stand out to be outstanding,
Create a greener gleam that’ll make you outshining.
Think ahead. Think big. Think forward.
For the real education is beyond a four wall.

Creative ideas are high dares,
It takes bravery to jump a loaded gun,
Our greatest fear is the fear of not facing our fears.
While you turn a new leaf, turn a new turn.

For this is the new potency of proficiency,
Live a legacy, die a legacy, leave a legacy.

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