He Forced Me

“Anwili, you kept going to his house,
Alone in the house,
At nights, with skimpy dresses,
Yet, you’d not stop blaming him!
He didn’t force you!”

“Counselor, he forced me.”

“Anwili, you both had mutual feelings. Or
Was he dragging you
With a rope in your legs?
Wipe the tears. He didn’t force you.”

“Counselor, Ohis forced me!
I didn’t want it. He forced me”

” ‘Wili, it happened in his house. Isn’t it?”


“You must have gone there.
Besides, you said you didn’t
Have any pain. That means
You enjoyed it.
Leave the poor boy
And accept your plight!”

“Counselor, you are taking
Sides for Ohis? Okay,
Whether he forced me or not,
He is responsible for it!”

“Now, you’re talking;
But that is your headache
And the ache of your head.

Fix the puzzle!”

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