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Alani, Only Heaven Knows You Are Innocent

All the times my brothers
Accused you of killing their only sister
And the times you were
Humiliated, I see from heaven.

All the times you were almost
Striped naked and were made
To pick and lick libation
And confess you didn’t kill me,
I see from heaven.

Alani, there’s nothing you
Can do about it.
No one would believe you are innocent
Because, I had all the fame and money,
But you were richly wretched.

And everytime you tried to mention
That you love me,
You were being shut up
By whoever was listening.

I’m sorry that you go through
All those pains for my sake.
I’m sorry too that I had to rush home
Shortly after our wedding.

You’ll be fine.
Alani, you need not to pick
Yourself a wife.
Else, you endanger her
And end your life in danger;

For I shall visit you everyday.
In your sleep. In your dreams.
We’d resume our love play,
We’d tour the dreadful roads
Of the village together,
We’d take our bath
In the salty water of Apoyin River,
And seek the troubles of the bees thereafter.
Together, we’d run errands for grandma
And would break kolanuts for Baba ‘Sesan;
And you’d smile from your sleep again
Into full awakening… because, only heaven knows you are innocent.

Alani, your beloved Adebanke
Sees you through the eye of heaven.
She hasn’t left you
Amidst the abyss of lamentations.

She’ll visit you in a while.

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