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Would I Just?

Can I feel, can I touch?
Can I breathe, can I just…?
Daily life an open show
Every action under microscope
Designer labels, parties and shows
Celebrity hangouts, unlimited girls
Can I just be and live?

Sure, signing out no longer an option
Fully in or you’re without
Fragments of true self lost in the ‘celebrity’
Trying to fit in, standing out still
Memories of the past a hazy recollection
Moral obligations no longer a stumbling block
Childhood dreams never envisioned this

Living my best life it feels
Flaunting the latest expensive it seems
Reassuring myself I’m at peace
Help! Has peace changed her identity?
Who is this me that has taken over me?

No Amaka to disappoint
The hustle is real, the dream is separate
Moving perhaps I am
Would I soon become the dying embers of yesterday
Or a forgotten name when tomorrow comes
Would I be, would I live

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