The Saving Stitch

Like treasures swept into the oceans
and rubies carried away by the wind
shall be the lots of him who fails
to wheel his will alright.

We pray not death,
but that which should be done
can’t be undone and that which
Is undone needs to be done.

Like a thread is wired into
the needle’s eye,
we needs must wire our wills outrightly
to stich the aftermath of our lives.

As the needle pierces and stitches,
saving the tear, so the will shall
mend the lives of others.

Albeit, men ought to be enlightened.
He need must be a good testator
With the help of that man who ritually
puts on black and white with a wig
before death calls; for
Death calls 24/7,
but before you answer,
Willingly wheel your will.

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