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The Hidden Truth (Part 29)

Continued from the last part…

Amelia’s POV

I walked into the sitting room and sat down angrily, I saw mom approaching me with glasses of drinks, smiling weirdly. Damn, I’m not in a happy mood right now.

“What’s wrong with my baby?” she asked as she poured her drink into a tumbler.

“Can you imagine that those fools I asked to keep Ava’s brother let him escape?” I shouted even more angrily than before.

“So?” she asked me, I almost stuck out my eyes looking at her.

“Gosh mom, is that all you got to ask me now?” I asked angrily.

“Yes, listen baby,” she continued after taking the wine into her system and sat beside me, I shifted angrily. “Listen baby, I trained you, most especially I gave birth to you, I will not teach you rubbish. When all your plans fail, you continue to make new ones till you’re perfect in the game. So right now, think of a new plan to make you perfect,” she advised, I look at her, she was smiling, but her words got me. I immediately went closer to her and hugged her. She patted my back lightly.

“Mom, you are the best, I love you,” I said to her.

“I love you more. Now all you have to do is to go back to your friends and make up a new plan” she said as we disengaged from the hug.

“I don’t have much friends mummy, Best is fuckingly fucking up, while Doris is the real bae,” I said using.

“If Best disturbs you, you know what to do to her,” she said as she hummed one of her favorite songs. I laughed.

“Mom, you are evil,” I told her.

“You are my accomplice baby,” she said as I laughed more.

Morris’ POV

We went into the hospital’s ward met little Gideon and Ava discussing.

“Wow, cuties,” Ava shouted happily as soon as she saw us.

“Hello Ava,” I said as I walked to where they were sitting, I grabbed Gideon by his collar and jacked him up, he started shouting as we all laughed. “Why did you make everyone worried, huh?” I said as he kept on shouting.

“Morris, keep him down,” Ava said. I slowly kept him as he ran to his mom’s bed.

“So, how is mummy?” I asked.

“She’s fine, she’s okay,” Ava answered. “So what about the match today?” Ava asked.

“As usual Dave won the match with his team, ours will be next week, relax,” Ann answered.

“Who are we playing with?” Ava asked us.

“Reds,” I answered

“Hmm, it’s gonna be tough, but before we play against them, we will go through the other teams which is not tough, or is it not so?”

“I don’t think so. Let’s watch and see. What did you bring for us?” she asked.

“Fruits for mummy,” I said and handed the nylon to her, she checked the nylon and smiled.

“I’m hungry, never eaten since morning,” she mumbled.

“What’s in the nylon here?” Gideon asked bringing our attention to the well-wrapped container on top of the cupboard.

“Oh, I almost forgot, those are sandwiches from Dave, he said he got it from his granny,” she answered.

“Granny?” I and Ann shouted together.

“Yes, granny,” Ava said quickly.

“When did Dave have a granny?” Ann asked looking at me for an answer.

“No idea,” I answered her.

“Why would Dave lie about having a grandma?” Ava asked.

“He has a grandma,” Ava’s mom answered and we turned to her immediately.

“Mrs Clara. Mummy,” we all shouted at same time.

“Really, he has a grandma?” I asked.

“And you seem to know more about Dave than I do,” Ann quipped in.

Writer’s POV

A shadow walked into a mansion, it went straight into a room.

“Dave, I love you very much, I’ve been your secret admirer for so long and I’m getting you, I will try as much as possible separate you two just as I separated you and Morris. I love you, that’s all that matters.

To be continued…

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