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The Telephone Dialogue

“Are you sure?” Ana questioned.

“Yes, I am. He’s never done anything like this before. Mr. Myles is a responsible man,” Vera affirmed.

“You really think so?”

“Yes, and I don’t think he would do it for you.”

“Well, I will cajole him to do it for me.”

Riiiiiiiiiing! Mr. Myles’ phone rang. He jumped out of the chair he had earlier sunk into to pick up his phone.

“Hey! You! How do you do, Ana?”

“I’m fine, dude. And you?”

“I’m cool. I just arrived from the States and thought I should have a few days of rest before getting the Bahamas and dashing to New South Wales.”

“Oh! So, how was your trip?”

“ ’Twas quite scary. My plane almost crashed! We combated the dilemma of parachuting ourselves or crashing with the plane, but however, everything returned back to normal.”

“I’m sorry about that, Mr. Myles.”

“Oh… it’s fine. I’m glad I’m safe. So, how are you too?”

“I need a helping hand.”

“What’s the problem?”

“Mr. Myles, errm… my husband travelled and would not return till in about two weeks.”


“He left me all alone in this house.”

As Ana spoke, she caressed herself and spoke, trying to orally seduce Mr. Myles. She had planned that trip for her husband with her friend, Vera, so that she would carry out her plan.

“Oh… so what would you have me do? Come live with you?”

“No… not at all!”

“Stay with you?”

“Mr. Myles, no!”

“Keep you company?”

“Errm… no… yes… maybe no.”

“What’s it going to be then, eh?”

“Errm… I… I… Just come to my house. I’m not really fine.”

“Please, tell me what the problem is.”

“Mr. Myles, please be here immediately.”

“Okay… okay. See yah!”

Quickly, Mr. Myles reached for his pants, threw himself into one of his old, but fashioned T-shirts, he didn’t forget to take his brain too as he zoomed for Ana’s house. He got there in no time and met her lying in the chair in the sitting room. She covered herself, with a towel, but before Mr. Myles could say ’Jack Robinson’, she stripped herself and made Mr. Myles feed his eyes with her pride. She hung on him and shouted, “Sex!”

Mr. Myles pushed her away and said, “We are both married and should not…”

Before he finished constructing his sentence, she jumped at him again, shouting, “Sex!”

Mr. Myles didn’t want anything close to that at all, but must apply the wisdom of his brain he earlier took with himself.

“Ana! You want sex?” Mr. Myles asked.

She didn’t reply. Instead, she licked her middle finger in seduction and nodded twice in confirmation.

Mr. Myles sighed and spoke, “It is a beautiful and terrible thing and should therefore be treated with great caution.”

In the end, Mr. Myles somehow escaped the sexual escapade. He preached senses into Ana’s head, but she never recovered from her foolishness. Mr. Myles had seen her nakedness and that fact wasn’t debatable.

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