October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016—ZenPens

This day, the cold hands of death almost held me,
A day a living soul nearly became a dead meat,
A true life story, tale of a superstitious survival,
Of a dying life that cease to resist revival.

How can you appreciate life
if you’ve never been in death?
And what is the essence of death
if it can’t hold your breath?

A good day at first, a bad day at last
For this is how ugly beautiful became alas!
To Hell with the hunger that drove me to the kitchen,
The place the devil chef the catastrophic cooking.

Held the lighter, doubt ignited, “Dear doubt, get behind me!”
“Don’t do it!” Thought it was soliloquy, didn’t know His words were talking to me.

The gas line wasn’t in line,
my life on the line, the thin line I could not see,
I lighted it then I saw Heaven shine bright before me,
I smoked up and woke up to see smokes all around me,
I thought I died but as I was thinking,
Calvary came through, gave me a new song and I started singing…

“Grace grease me through gross grief,
Grace graced me with grace, I died! I live,
This could have been the end of November 5,
Glory on high! Thank God I’m still alive.”

October 26, 2016,
Forever will I always remember these things…

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