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Ambassador of Lies

I stayed for the cup and ended up with moss
Kanu was my favorite player till you played me bad
Why bother with the promises when you don’t even keep them?
You tell lies so sweetly they begin to sound like the truth
False hope you give when there’s none to see

Do you have a conscience at all
does it still prick?
Does your mama know you’re an asshole?
Or she thinks you’re still her blue eyed innocent?
The only thing blue about you now are your lies
The devil is surely an apprentice compared to you

Fancy thinking I gat forever with you
while in your heart you were only after the gold mine
Your sugar-coated mouth makes stone look good enough to eat
Your strength and capacity to lie leaves me weak for hours
You’re a boss, I hail, you’re the boss
Master of no mean nation
You’ve surely bagged all honours

Now wear your gown with pride
don your cap with attitude
for you’ve achieved the unattainable
Really I’m speechless, how did you do it?
Graduated from the highest level of stupidity with honours
Now may you place your certificate on the top shelf
It’s the only place fitting for such important achievement
Honorable ambassador of lies!

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