A Sepulchre In Our Hearts

A Sepulchre In Our Hearts—ZenPens

A tribute to Adeyemi Oluwatamilore.

Sepulchre (meaning): a tomb, a burial chamber e.t.c.


You left when the time isn’t right,
Our light you were until it quenched
and a joyful day became a silent night.

Like a nightmare in a daydream,
Your exit still makes the sky grim,
Like the absence of synergy in a dream team,
Our reality suffers the vacuum of a super, natural being.

Why did you leave and die this early?
Perhaps you forgot the bond we had was dearly,
So sudden like the boom of a gun, gone too soon,
Our days now wear night like the gloom in a dark room.

Death switched off your light-years
and left us in pains and tears,
Our heart wearies, wear and tear,
Puzzled, punctures and pierced.
Hope heaven habituates her
And angels welcomes her like a superstar.

We love you but He loves you more,
For He has taken the righteous before the evil days therefore.
Tamilore, a sepulchre in our hearts.
Therein shall you dwell, forever in our hearts.

This piece is dedicated to you on your birthday.

Adeyemi Oluwatamilore

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