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Love Tango

“Hello, how are you doing? I was wondering if there’s something I could do to make you love me again…”

“Perhaps, a slice of cake and a large cauldron of white wine.” Fergus looked at Lucinda with a cocky smile. She bowed and left his throne room.

A minute… two minutes… five minutes…

Lucinda wasn’t back with her love offerings. Fergus decided to go look for himself.

” Here’s your slice of cake and the finest of wines in your favourite cauldron.”

Fergus was pleased. He pushed open the door to see Lucinda on both knees, presenting her love offerings to the butler, Mr. Shouwester.

“Timothy, I was a little too dumb and couldn’t tango with love.”

“Are these gifts for love?”

“Yes, gifts to make us tango again.”

“I’ll get a cup to take some wine out of the cauldron.”

Timothy got a cup and drank of the wine.


Timothy was on the floor, writhing in pains, gnashing his teeth and gripping his throat.

Lucinda had given him her love, her dark love.

“Dear Timothy, this is my love. A love so bittersweet, a love beyond human knowledge. We shall not dwell in this love now. We shall, when the day had gone.”

Fergus opened the door completely. “Lucinda…” His voice was faint.

She spun around wearing a wide a grin. “Just in time for the engagement party, sir.”

“You’ve killed him.” He moved towards Timothy Schouwester slowly. “Lucinda, I thought you loved this man.”

She chuckled. “Oh yes, sir. I really love him, not loved. Our love is but for eternity.”

I shall have your head on a plate for this abominable act.”

While Fergus bent to touch Timothy, Lucinda drove a butcher’s knife below his head. “Two fine men for the pretty little Lucinda. One at my right, and the other, my left.”

She laughed and danced around the kitchen.

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