I Didn’t Mean To Be Pretty

I Didn't Mean To Be Pretty—ZenPens

I didn’t mean to be pretty
To whomever cares to listen
I didn’t mean to be pretty
These tears make my eyes glisten

He was a large strong man
Feared by more than a few
A godly Christian man
Who bid my virginity adieu

I’d been called upon by him
And toasted several times
With gifts he gave with a grin
Felt my body wasn’t mine

Mummy said to be careful
Of the bad boys in the street
But I never thought I’d baffle
A married man in the pulpit

I had told my mother too
But she never believed me
So what was I to do?
To a man who wouldn’t leave me

One day, he sent me away
To buy a thing or two
And bring it straight away
To the counseling room

Unsuspecting as I went
I’d walked and kept my watch
Thought I had no need to fret
The room was in the church

I’d walked in and was caught
Like a fragile fingerling
Heaven watched as I fought
But who was I to win?

Mother looked away in shame
As the people called me names
Pretty girl was out to maim
Out to stain their pastors name

So now I’ve told my story
And the people say I’m filthy
Please tell the world I’m sorry
That I didn’t mean to be pretty

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