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Death Letters to Alero

These are my death letters,
As I had died long before
I wrote you these letters, for
Death calleth unto death.

I started dying the day you left
And I died the day you
Allowed disappointments
To kill these appointments.

Putting calls through to you
Were vain efforts.
Your Glo line refused to glow
And your MTN line became
The empty hen that couldn’t lay.

Alero, I’m dead already.
I died since all my letters
Brought no reply from you.
I shall only be observing
The practical session
Of the death I’d died long ago.

Alero, I write to you with
A chilled bottle of sniper
And a freshly baked
Piece of bullet beside
The weighty pistol on my table.
This would be the seventh
Death letter I’d be writing you
That still wouldn’t bring back a reply.

Your plan of returning
To getting married to me
And becoming the latest couple in town
Shall only exist in your memory.

Alero, these are my letters.
Death calls, I must answer.

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