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Letter to My Ex (Part 1)

I agree I’m a coward.
You’d say I gave up on our love.
I mean, yes, I couldn’t live up to your insatiable expectations.

That I didn’t live the fantasy in my writings doesn’t bother me.

I’m not sorry.

But, I hope when you tell our story, you’d include the chapter when our love was talk of the town.
When you were the pendulum of my existence, now you’ve stopped swinging and I’m not dead yet.

I loved you beyond your imperfections.

I was ready,

Ready to call you home.

I saw the future in your eyes.

Thoughts of us brightened my darkness.

I hope your next is able to accommodate your insecurities; the ones I thought I killed with the undying love I presented on gold plate..

Take your fears elsewhere, the door is wide open.

I shall miss but the time I wasted loving you—I wish I got that back.

It hurts my own soul to write as this pen repels paper.

I thought I silenced the doubts your weak heart conceived, making every moment with you count.

In the end, you’d always repel my sincerity and make futile but my efforts..

I’m not sorry.

I wasn’t strong enough you’d say, but darling, I’m tired.

I’m done trying for love.

I’m done being the sustainer of this love.

I’m done chasing you.

I’m gone for good, don’t look for me.

I hope you blame circumstances, I hope you don’t blame me.

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