World of Peace

History was supposed to be our teacher
but he has been turned into a student of scorn.
And humanity waxs strong in keeping gory archives;
each breaking news, an expected pulsating event.

War has been a routine imbibed by many;
as the law suffers harm by all or any.
And each passing minute records death from terror attack
or a diminishing health
or a rising tide of poverty and lack.
Oh! humanity tilts toward a feared extinction.

But ironically religion is strengthened
and the churches are awakened,
the minarets are multiplied unshaken.
The dome of human deities are brightened,
yet man lay doomed and forsaken.

The United Nations came into the picture;
to uphold peace and create a better future
but that was a detour from the present caricature;
For war is sponsored by the members of the league with their signature.
And they claimed to gather and herald ‘a world of peace’ they punctured.

Other offsprings of the league grew:
the father of law in Hague,
the mother of health in Geneva,
the keeper of wealth in WDC,
the bringer of food in Rome.
All were born to quell the human suffering,
to be used as a peace offering,
to usher in a world of peace
but lo, they’re tools of war never to cease.

A world of peace once existed
before man failed and fell.
It was a world that enlisted
harmony, order and beauty to swell.
There was synergy in everything
and energy came from things tagged ‘Nothing’.
This was the world Adam saw,
until he decided to live without the law.

And what we see and feel
is a world of chaos in shreds like cheese.
When the mountains roared and melted,
men called it volcano and moved on.
When the wind bled and screamed,
we called it hurricane and cyclone.
When the earth shuddered and broken,
men called it earthquake and stayed on.
For we have a peaceful name for every natural disaster,
and revenue from tourist visit to burning crater.

And atmospheric disintegration
welcomed the ozone depletion.
Biospheric deforestation
installed the ‘Global warming’ creation.
Lithospheric exploitation
standardized the ‘Natural resources’ deletion.
And the world we have left
is a trembling boy with a palate cleft.

A world of peace is a feeble fable
told to toddlers that are unstable.
To lull them to sleep so comfortable
and when they wake up to see a gun on the table,
it becomes a reality to be embraced with ease and kept memorable.

How can a world in obvious distress;
febrile, tachypnoeic and restless
be in good state and real peace?
Yes! It is possible and achievable.
If an effective dose of love is taken and self detoxify.
And until the mind is immunized against epidemic greed and uncultured power,
then shall the world have a foretaste of peace again.

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