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The Hidden Truth (Part 28)

Continued from the last part…

Mr Johnson’s POV

I’ve been looking for Gideon everywhere with the police and couldn’t find him, I already asked the police to continue searching as I was tired and hungry. Actually I don’t know Gideon or how he looks like but I had his picture with me. Where the heck can I find him now, huh?

I sat down at one of the remote restaurants nearby, I was famished and needed to eat. I called the old woman to attend to me. When the woman came, she asked me what she could offer to me, I told her to bring anything as I was running short of time, I needed to find him today, she left immediately.

I saw this boy, a small little boy outside at the pavement, he sat down there and I couldn’t get the view of the young boy, so I got up. I went outside to the small shop where he was sitting, I bent down to his height, he looked at me with tears in his eyes, he was crying. I brought out his picture from my pocket, that was Gideon, he was Gideon. I’ve found him, I thought, as a wave of happiness swept through me. I called him and he looked at me surprised. He got up immediately and tried to run, I held him immediately.

Gideon’s POV

After I ran away from home, I was pursued by them, these men were very dangerous, I ran away into the bush, they even followed me there, I continued running, I had to escape today whether they liked it or not.

I don’t know where I was running to but I had faith that I would soon be out. I saw a very big tree and went there to sit tiredly.

I heard the sounds of a car moving, I got up immediately, knowing fully well that I could be caught by them in this damn bush, I continued running as I knew that I was close to the edge of the bush. I decided not to stop on the way.

Eventually I came out, I saw a shop nearby and decided to rest there, I’d been through a lot. Seriously, I’m never going to go out late at night. What about mom and Ava? They might be worried sick, especially mom, I’d found out that she was having heart problems earlier, I hope she was okay. I missed Ava. I cried as I thought about my mom. If anything happened to mom, I won’t be able to forgive myself.

A man came to me out of nowhere, he bent down before me, I got really afraid. Right now I’m already afraid of strangers, I looked at him, he brought out a picture from his pocket and I could see him smiling. He might be the one behind my kidnapping, I thought as I watched him smile. He called me by my name, I got even more scared and then I tried to run when he held me.

“Leave me!” I shouted as I struggled to flee.

“Gideon, calm down, I mean no harm, you just have to trust me,” he said calmly.

“I don’t trust strangers, I don’t know you!” I shouted.

“I’m your mummy’s friend, I’m Mr Johnson, trust me.” I looked at him again, I saw no harm in his expression, he had this innocent face, but to trust him? no, I won’t fall for it.

“Okay, see this,” he said as he brought out his phone from his back pocket, and showed me my mom’s picture.

“How sure am I that you are not lying to me?” I asked him, now calm.

“Come on boy, we have no time to waste, your mom is currently at the hospital right now.”

“My mom is what? what happened to mummy?” I asked already crying. He bent down, as he held my two shoulders.

“Your mom is not feeling too good, so you come with me, she will be well again,” he explained.

“Still, I’m not coming with you,” I maintained. He brought his phone and dialed a number, at the second ring, the person picked up.

“Hello, I’ve found him… Yeah I’m in a restaurant, the place you left me… Come get me, okay.” He ended the call immediately.

“Who was the on call?” I asked eyeing him.

“The police, they are searching for you, come with me, let me give you something to eat,” he answered. I remembered immediately that I’d not taken in something today, I nodded and reluctantly joined him. We went and sat down as he placed his order and mine.

We ate silently as I watched him covertly l. He might grab me at any time despite his attitude towards me earlier.

“Sir, is he the boy?” someone said and I looked up, it was the officer.

“Yes, he is. Gideon, do you see that I’m for real? Now let’s rush home before your mom wakes up and starts looking for you.”

“Can I talk to ava?” I requested before I agreed to follow them. I still didn’t trust them, the officers might be fake. I don’t want any regrets.

He dialed the number and she picked up immediately. “Mr Johnson, I’ve been trying to call you but I had no call credit, mom is awake and needs to see Gid!” she shouted without letting me talk.

“It’s me sis, it’s me Gideon!” I shouted as tears fell down my face. She shouted immediately, I’ve missed her, I’ve missed her so much.

“Boy, let’s go, we’re ruining out of time.” Mr Johnson collected the phone as we left together.

Amelia’s POV

“You were around and a nine-year boy escaped from you? You guys are fake and stupid. A young boy escaped from you all and you had no shame in informing me, foolish men like you!” I shouted as I heard the news.

“We are sorry madam,” he said.

“Sorry for yourselves!” I shouted and ended the call in anger.

“Calm down, we will think of a better plan soon,” Doris said.

“I told you to release the boy, now the police will track them down,” Best said.

“Will you shut up?” Doris shouted as I eyed her angrily. Any other word from her will send her to the grave. I rushed outside and drove out of the school compound.

Morris’ POV

“Is this not Amelia leaving? why is she angry?” I asked Ann.

“I don’t know, maybe something came up,” she answered.

“Sometimes I wonder if Amelia had a hand in this kidnapping case, she’s been extremely happy since Gideon was kidnapped.”

“Let’s leave her and focus on going to the hospital, Ava needs us now,” Ann said and I nodded.

In Mrs Clara’s ward….

Gideon’s POV

I rushed to mom when I came into the ward, she looked weak and…

Read Part Twenty-eight.

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