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Mama told me

Child, never you cause my feelings to die
Never you hate my love in denial
Never you cast our families trials
Never you break trails of the unwritten bloodlines

Child, may you triumph in greatness
Shine above the edge of hate and enmity
May you build bridges above the rancor of inveterate hatred

But I became lucifer of all ages
Stabbed her deep down in her trust
I became cure, that never tasted sickness
I married the street of ‘Mushin’
Gave birth to trouble, became the pain in everybody’s spine

Days gone
Months past
Years turned solid tears

My life was a moving whorl
Penetrating sorrows in every family I traced
I became the king, ruling the kingdom of barbarians
My reign was a blessing to the hooligans, curse to the jovial masses

Mama told me

Never be a whooping sheep
Live life, but not a leaving life

I remembered everything Mama told me like the teeth I carry
But I became out, out and cast into the world

I am Out-Cast.

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