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Miranda (Episode Four)

Continued from the last part…

“Oh, Berry.” Robert flung the door open, pulling Gabriella in with his left hand. He shut the door and pinned her to it licking her ear lobe.

“Robert,” she called, pushing him off her body, he held both sides of his waist giving her a harsh look. “What? At least we are out of the office now!” she yelled twisting her waist as she paved way to the sitting room. He followed her, feeding his eyes on her back view, she wore a jean mini skirt over a crop armless top.

“$70 is my pay,” she said not looking in his eyes, he sat next to her and licked her exposed lap.

“I would pay, just don’t return asking for more, we do this and forget that we ever did,” he said pulling her into his chest and tracing her thigh with his left hand.

“Why did you yell at me today?” she asked withdrawing from his touch.

His brows furrowed, he hated questions like this, seems this Gabriella of a lady didn’t know who he was.

“I don’t mix work with feelings, now, open your legs and get down to business.” His voice thickened.

Still not seeing the anger in his expressions, she giggled pulling his left side cheek. “Are you scared? You don’t want the press to know you’ve got personal business with your shift secretary?”

He whuffled, pulled her hand off his cheek and slammed it against her lap. “Gabriella, know your place. Your job is bed warming and that’s just for the night, every other thing is out of it, look, I don’t have anything personal with you, all we have here tonight is purely business.”

His breathing was hot and heavy, she knew at once he was upset. She kept her calm, he didn’t mind her mood, he pulled her in and began to smooch her full soft boobs, she moaned underneath and he pulled out a protecting nylon from behind his trouser.


After getting sexual pleasure, he took her with him to the club. His intentions were to relieve work stress while shooting at any available whore.

Once again, he just added to the number of women he’d had in the last ten years. Gabriella had suddenly become a forbidden fruit.

Sitting on a vacant chair at the bar section, he shouted his order. “Whiskey, iced.”

Robert took the cup when it finally came, he gulped it down in a rush, you’d think he had a fire in his throat begging to be quenched. He glared around, searching for Gabriella, she had lost herself in the dance section, whining her waist to the rhythm of the loud pop music. He smirked, twisting his neck to the side, his eyes caught a beautiful lady who seemed to be having a heated conversation with a young man. He stood up to the scene, the lady had served the man a quickie on a car’s bonnet somewhere in the club’s vicinity. According to the young sex worker, she had an agreement with him, they talked $30 and the young man gave her half of it after he got pleasure.

Robert chuckled at the dirty reason for their silly argument. He offered the lady $60 and she almost licked his feet. She led him into the ladies, right there, he took her from behind using the male protective nylon she provided.

Just when he was about pouring out his content, someone rudely flung the door open, her jaw tightened, her mouth parted and her heart raced. It was Gabriella, she dissapointedly watched Robert screamed in ecstasy as he reached climax.

“Damn you, Robert!” she roared, her legs shaking.

He ignored her, he pulled out his toy and gave one last moan as his liquid emptied in the nylon.

Turning his back on both ladies, he cleaned up in front of the WC.

“I paid both of you, strictly business.” He gave a shit eating grin.

The other lady which he never bothered to know her name as it was a normal thing to mate with women he knew nothing about, left the scene pulling her short skirt below her butt.

“Robert, we did this few minutes ago, do you ever get tired?” Gabriella fired, clenching her teeth.

“At all, now go partying or go home. Remember, you have got to be at work early tomorrow, you have the morning duties to handle,” he said walking pass her. He made a sudden stop, turning to face her. “Everything ended when I pulled out, we never had anything together, all we had was business, make sure to face work squarely so you wouldn’t get fired,” he warned, taking his leave at once.

Gabriella bit her lower lips, she thought it was going to go beyond tonight, she thought he wasn’t going to be as hard as this, she already dreamt of being on the papers as the multi millionaire’s girlfriend, the most successful business man of the year, Robert Meyer.

Oh, that was a dream, a dream distant from reality.

Outside the club, he hurried up to his expensive drive and sat at the wheel. Driving into the dark night, he soon vanished.

“Oh, that was Robert,” Peyton hissed, wishing that she had reached him faster. Jessica stood next to her wondering how and when Peyton began to feel bad for missing someone who had nothing to do with business.

“We can still go clubbing right?” Jessica asked holding onto Peyton’s left arm.

They arrived the club seconds ago, Peyton had caught a glimpse of Robert jumping into his car, she quickly brought her own car to an halt but she wasn’t fast enough, she missed him.

“Uhmm, yes.”


Mira had chosen a green jump suit for her first official appearance as Robert’s personal assistant. She had read and heard a lot about him, rumor had it that Robert was a womanizer, a chronic one. She has got no problems with that, she was only scared of her new job and duties, he treated her nice the previous day but he seemed authoritative, she knew nothing about being a personal assistant to someone of great influence as Robert Meyer.

It was 8:00am in the morning, she didn’t get any briefing session about her new job, dos, don’ts and time schedule. What she knew was to please Robert at all times, she wouldn’t want to lose this job that promised to pay her hugely.

Everyone was sitted at their various dining chairs having breakfast as usual, the noise makers, Nancy and Hamilton were busy chirping like birds.

“I hope this new job of yours doesn’t affect college,” Mishal spoke looking up at her as she grabbed her mug.

“It won’t, I hope so,” she said hoping that the issue wouldn’t be prolonged.

When she broke the news to her family yesterday, they spent few minutes scolding her for leaving the house in her bad state, and, the next few hours, the family were busy discouraging her, telling her what Robert was cable of doing to young beautiful women who worked under him.

“I am not comfortable with this, he’s offering so much for a college student to work as his personal assistant? Is there something my daughter has to offer as an under graduate?” Mr Walker sounded worried, he would’ve made sure she didn’t leave the house if he knew she was going in search of a job at Robert’s company.

“That man doesn’t spare anything under skirt, he once had my course mate,” Nancy added. Mira ignored taking her seat and gobbling her toasted bread.

“I heard he slept with Bogart Serah,” Mrs Walker said.

Bogart Serah was a motel owner, she owned ‘Frassy Flash Motel’, she was rich and her motel boomed.

Frassy Flash was meant for only the rich, poor people couldn’t afford to buy a canned drink at Frassy Flash. Her motel had grown over the years with eighteen of its type all over the world, she was just thirty, unmarried and maybe not planning to get married. Three years back, there was a hot headline which got everyone buying the papers. Serah and Robert’s sex pictures were leaked and the press didn’t cover their shame, it spread like wild fire.

“That was a very long time ago, moreover, my job is just work and leave, I have got no business with his personal and sexual life,” Mira spoke when she was fed up with the early morning argument and discussion. “I’m leaving,” she ended, picking up her black huge bag, hung it long belt on her shoulder and coldly walked out on the Walkers.

She found herself standing before Gabriella, she was so rude and nasty that morning, simpering and hissing constantly.

Mira sat on the chair she was asked to sit until Robert walked in all spruced.

“Mira?” he said.

She stood up to him at once, bowing to greet him. He nodded heading for the door and she followed.

“I wasn’t expecting you so early, you should be at college,” he said sitting behind his desk.

Mira looked around, all of the furniture which were clean and clear.

“I… I…” She tried saying something in defence.

Cutting in, he leaned forward. “Mira, I have a personal assistant, okay? I gave you the job to help you financially, you don’t have to come here every day, once a week would be just fine, I need you to study well and give college your best shot.”

She nodded.

“But, sir, what are my duties?” she asked innocently.

He smiled. “Everything I ask from you”

She nodded, not thinking of the hidden meaning.

“Is that a yes?” he asked, he needed her to promise him that.

“Yes, Sir Robert,” she responded.

Sir Robert, that sounded funny to him.

“I would love to watch you sit there, my personal assistant would be here soon, he would tell you the few things you need to know.” He grinned stylishly winking at her. She nodded, looking elsewhere.

Picking up a file, he loosened his tie a bit and got down to work, wrinkling his forehead sometimes and straightening it some other time. Mira watch in admiration, he had seemed to have forgotten that she was seated before him.

When he finally raised his head to look in her direction, their eyes met. It was too late to look elsewhere, they left their eyes to search deep in their hearts. Each person trying to be telephatic.

“I’d prefer you make me a cup of hot tea, talk to the lady outside, she would put you through.” He broke the spell that was cast on them by nature. She rose at once, at least it was a great relief for her, she would leave his sight for few seconds. She returned with a white mug filled with hot tea. She placed it next to his forehand, he was busy again, pressing the buttons on his computer so easily as if it had no impact on his fingers.

Looking down at the tea mug, his brows furrowed, his facial expression demonstrated anger, he slumped back into his leather office chair, water drizzled down the back of the mug, the worst of it was that she didn’t serve it in a tray.

“Mira, I don’t drink from a dirty cup,” Robert said giving the mug a scorn.

“But sir…” she tried protesting. He raised his index finger at her and shook his head negatively.

“No one, no one questions my order. Wipe the mug clean and clear!” he roared, his eyes red and bloodshot.

She reached for the mug and returned to Gabriella at once. Gabriella laughed boisterously, she knew Robert would spank Mira for serving him with a dirty cup.

“Hey, girly. Who are you to Robert?” Gabriella questioned wading her long artificial lashes.

“I need help with this instead,” Mira raised the mug at her face, scared that the tea would go cold, she had no time to talk about her relationship with Robert.

She hissed, pulling the drawer and reaching for a napkin, she threw it at Mira’s face. Mira wiped the mug clean with shaking hands. Maybe those news about Robert were true, it wouldn’t be so easy to work for him, he was ill-tempered.

“Thank you.” She smiled politely dropping the napkin next to Gabriella. Rushing back to his office, she almost ran into a young man who was storming towards Robert’s office.

“Sorry,” they chorused, one not waiting for the other. They both stormed into his office, he raised his head to look in their direction, he sneered.

Mira shook as she carefully placed the mug next to him. He picked it up at once, taking a sip, his eyes bulged, he turned to face her, she was standing next to him. Fear gripped her, what has she done now?

“You made this? From the scratch?” he asked taking another sip almost immediately. She nodded.

He smiled wiping his mouth with his forehand. “You will come here every morning to prepare this for me, I haven’t had something like this in years, this is my type of tea.” He simpered. Remembering that she was in college, he clicked against his inner maxilla. “Won’t I be disturbing you? You need all the time to study”

“No, I can handle it sir, it would be my pleasure to make your tea every morning, ” She said bowing to stare at her black shoes.

He smiled. “I have got a favourite mug, I’d prefer mug brought to me in a tray and most importantly, I don’t condole dirt. Wales, she’s here for the same job as yourself, I hope you would put her through.”

The young sweaty man, white-skinned and brown thick hair nodded, his heart raced, promising to jump out of his chest every now and then.

“Why are you late?” Robert asked softly, he held the mug in his left hand, worked on his system with the other.

“I am sorry sir,” he apologized.

Robert looked in his direction, he glared at him for few seconds before returning to face his system.

“Meet her, put her through, she’s in college and wouldn’t come often, once you are done, prepare a meeting with the Roman business man, get out of my sight,” he ordered, his tone in-between cold and hot.

Wales beckoned on Mira to come with him, she gently picked her bag and walked in front of him.

“Wales, over here,” Robert called him back once Mira vanished from the room.

“Don’t stress her, I’ve only asked you to tell her the few things she should know about her job, don’t crush.” He grinned at his own words.

He couldn’t tell what it was that made him to grin, he felt like he was out of his mind, he liked his female P.A no doubt.

Wales smiled, rushing out at once.

“Berry, Berry, I’d wait until you fling those legs open” He smiled sipping from the mug. The tea she made was so good that he wouldn’t want to sip it all in a rush.

Read Part Five.

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