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Adisa’s Jewel

From the shackles of other times
To the settings of other plays
I’ve always stood in awe of him
I had always wished to be his heart beat;
For as the clock ticks
So does my love for him advances.

I, Yemoloye, wish to sit by him always
And be his weakness
I know he loves me too
Just the way I love him so.

He took my heart and made it his
Simply for a jewel I now cherish
I want to be his all and all
Making him smile as the day goes on.

I, Yemoloye, await my lover just like a
Mother awaits her child
In the midst of my hut do I await you Adisa;
For my tears are spilling each day, groaning for thee
For you to wrap me in the folds of thy arms and
Shower me with the kisses of thy mouth is my desire.

In the hollow of Adisa’s arms
Is where I, Yemoloye, aspire to dwell
Yes! That is where I must dwell forever
Every hour, I bring out Adisa’s Jewel and stare at it;
For I need and must cherish Adisa’s Jewel
It is the next important after my life

Adisa! The way you got this jewel
Doesn’t matter to me;
For my concern is your care and love towards me

O my Adisa! I want to be called Mrs. Adisa
Yes! Mrs. Adisa of Ile Oluji
You know what I mean—let us tie
Knots that distance might not put us asunder
And come together, leaving people wondering, saying,
“How did it happen?”

To become yours is all I ever dream of
Waking up by your side is I can ever think of
And being the mother of your children is all I desire
Days rolling into weeks
Weeks into months
And months into years
Till at last we become old and grey
And on our last day
All I ever want to tell you
Is how I shall cherish you and your Jewel
Even in the grave

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