The blessings of oestrogen hormone,
made man to be over the moon.

Of estrone, estradiol and estriol
reproduction got a recoil.

And the deeds of oestrogens
is expressed in many genes.

Hospitable follicular phase,
a function of aromatase.

From menarche to menopause;
regulating the female course.

Plenteous endometrial growth,
enhancing a fertile youth.

And LH rise, an oestrogen surge;
And LDL fall, an oestrogen purge.

And Clomifene an agent of SERMs
gives hope to joyful sperms.

But osteoporosis of menopausal
‘there is no oestrogen’ a causal.

Oestrogen, a boss of the female sex life
gave many the guts to be a wife.

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