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Chide Abuse


Let’s discuss this cause
of parental hatred that
dismantles these mantles
of love from a child like hay thread.

It’s not good to spare the rod,
but when we have a spare rod,
the rod becomes a spear;
piercing them away
From their parents to their peers
out of pierced pressure.

Chiding a child is essential;
for if her father were farther
to the rod and no chide in place,
the child shall soon raise an arm
against her father’s will to shake spear.

Ye African parents!
Wheel thy child’s arm,
come forth with the rod
and comfort them thereafter.

Don’t take chiding too serious
such that you charm her
with fear like a charmer.

All that kills isn’t death,
but all death kills.
You won’t kill the ill;
you’ll only be a killer that killed her.

Hence, choose the right rods for chiding.
Nonetheless, fail to abuse the rod!

Albeit, let them know that which is necessary.
Maturity begins with clarity
and adulthood from childhood.

Ye African Bishops of the rod!
Let not thine house be a bee shop
that stingeth and leaves stigma thereafter,
but if thou must sting,
sting and let thy venom heal them.

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