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Crying softly my little voice echoed round the living room as I ran after her
“Mummy I want to follow you”
The voice comes quietly, it’s the voice I have learned to trust
The voice that has guided me out of countless tight spots
The voice that scared away the monsters in the rafters
The voice, her voice.
It soothingly and calmly said, “Nna go and get your sandals”
“You can’t go out with me barefooted,” she convincingly added…

“Yes Mummy,” I responded
And so I ran,
Like my life depended on it, for it did
Trying unsuccessfully to clean the snot hanging from my nose with one one hand
While using the other to wipe my leaking eyes
With my vision partly obscured
And my heart beating like a war drum
I came in contact with the side stool, crashed into it
And collapsed in a heap on the living room floor…

I cried out,
The pain in my throbbing knee
matching the fear in my little chest beat for beat
Then a small voice told me, “She’s waiting for you,”
And so I staggered up, and ran into the dark room
Keeping at bay the fear of monsters in the rafters
With the mere thoughts of she being there for me
Grabbed two different sandals
And ran out
And there in the courtyard,
With cold sweat dripping from every pore of my being
I encountered my first heartbreak…

I cried for the last time.
With a throbbing knee and a numb heart,
Somehow, my three year old self knew what happened
And deep within me,
A child died
And another was born
Another who never trusted again
Another who currently lives…


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