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In Her Mocassin (Part 29)

Continued from the last part…

With all exams done and dusted, Glistering High seemed deserted as most students were either chilling at home or out with friends.

Most students seen in school were those preparing for the SYTADS i.e Show Your Talents At Dancing and Singing competition.

Natalie stood at a corner of the gym practicing her dance step. At various corners of the gym were various students including Michelle, practicing their dance steps.

Not so far from Natalie were two eight graders—Crystal Tate and Ashley Scott. They were watching the dancers as they danced.

“I wonder who will win this year’s competition,” Ashley commented.

“The usual people of course,” Crystal said with a shrug.

“I guess so,” Ashley said.

Standing a mile away and listening to their conversation was Michelle… a seething Michelle.

“Are they the only ones in this school? Well, we’ll see about that,” Michelle said in fury.

Ashley and Crystal exchanged glances. They didn’t know they’d struck a nerve in Michelle. Not wanting any trouble, they decided to pretend as if they hadn’t heard her.

“Cryst, let’s go grab some lunch. I’m famished,” Ashley said. Though she wasn’t hungry, she said that in order to get out of Michelle’s presence.

“Alright.” They stood up, grabbed their bags and walked out.

The word ‘lunch’ seemed to drain all strength out of all dancers including Natalie as simultaneously, they all stopped dancing and went off to freshen up.

Natalie who was sweating profusely, walked to the gym bathroom to have a bath but met all ten stalls occupied. She then decided to go to their homeroom’s bathroom. On getting to the homeroom, she met it empty. She walked into the bathroom and was happy to find it empty.


“How dare that bitch say such a thing?” Michelle screamed in exasperation as she, Amy and Veronica walked into the homeroom.

“Who’s that?” Amy asked.

“That stupid girl that calls herself Crystal Tate.”

“Crystal? what did she do?” Veronica asked in surprise.

Crystal was a girl loved by everyone including the teachers because of her gentle nature. She was always seen with a smile pasted on her face and she never argued with anyone. She was nicknamed ‘Doll’ because of her nature.

So, it came as a surprise to Veronica and Amy when they heard she’d annoyed Michelle.

“That bitch was asked by her friend, Ashley who she thought would win this year’s SYTADS. Do you know who she said?”

“Who?” Amy asked then she gasped. “Don’t tell me she’d said Nicole and Nicola.”

“Exactly. That was exactly what the fool said. I’m sure that about ninety percent of the school’s population believe that too. But they would see about that,” Michelle said with determination.

“Girls, you guys can’t just sit back and let them win. You’ve got to do something,” Veronica put in.

“You’re right. We can’t.” Amy said. Then she turned to Michelle. “So what’s the plan?”


“What do you think Michelle meant by ‘We shall see about that’?” Crystal asked Ashley as they walked home from school.

The thought had been lingering in her mind since the incident with Michelle. “I’ve got no idea. Perhaps it’s just an empty threat.”

Crystal shook her head. “That doesn’t sound like an empty threat to me. I know Michelle O’Connor and what she’s capable of doing.”

“You’re being absurd, Cryst. That’s how people talk.” She waved her hand. “Just empty and boastful words with neither gravity nor meaning.”

“Hmm. I hope so,” Crystal said though she still wasn’t convinced.

To be continued…

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