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Trample (Part 1)

“Mummy, where would we go from here?” I asked.

“We’d sleep at the store, then tomorrow morning we would find a place to call home.”

We continued walking down to our little shop that was by a church. When we got to the shop we arranged our bags in it and my little brothers went back to sleep. Everyone had slept and I was the only one awake because the sleep wasn’t sure if it should take over me or not. I was actually in pain at that moment. The scene of the fight and me with my siblings coming to help my mum filled my head. I wonder how all this started, it just exploded within a twinkle of an eye. The thoughts of everything stayed in my head till daybreak.

It was a Saturday, so there was no school. I woke my brothers up and bathed them behind the shop. I gave them bread to eat from the shop. Mummy was busy talking to someone on the phone and I’m sure it was about a place for us to stay. I opened my box to change to better clothes since we were out of the house.

“Amdala,” I heard my name and looked outside and saw that it was Joy my classmate, although she was in Art class and I was in Science class. She gave me the hand gesture of ‘what happened?’ because she had seen our bags. I couldn’t say anything, I just nodded my head, telling her that we were okay. She understood and waved me goodbye before going past our shop.

An hour later my uncle who was my mother’s younger brother came to pick us with his car. He drove us to his home .

Why would he throw you and your children out of the house in the night?” Uncle asked my mother.

“Austin, it’s a long story,” my mother answered him as we all sat down in the parlour with our bags of clothes by the sofa we sat on.

“Then make it short,” Uncle Austin said pulling his glasses and dropping them on the stool by his sofa. It was time for me to hear the story of what I had actually seen. Well it was going to play again like a replay in my head.

“We have been having misunderstandings since the last three months. When it started I thought it was just some little arguments that we would settle over time like we normally did, but it was getting out of hand. Two months into the heated arguments, he decided to not home again.” My mother’s eyes were already filled with tears ready to fall as she spoke. She looked at my uncle with her mouth shaking and then she bit it. I, while on my seat, was crying already.

“Austin, I called and called and called, but he would either busy my calls or switch his phone off, or he would let it ring and wouldn’t pick at all. Until one day he came home when the kids were not around. They were in school. He brought another woman to our matrimonial bed. I saw everything he did to her. I called his name and he looked at me with no shame and continued what he was doing with whoever that woman was. He didn’t even think that I was there and the woman was just moaning. How can she do that? How could he have done that?” she said, her lips shaking and face filled with already fallen tears. I could feel her pain.

“I left the house to visit a friend and tried to act like everything was okay and it worked until I went to pick the children from school and we went home. He wasn’t there anymore. Weeks turned to months and he came back home.” My mother was staring at the ground not really knowing what she was looking. “He told me that he was getting married soon and we had to leave the house. I was angry for everything he did. We started yelling at each other until I didn’t know when he slapped me hard that I fell. I was shocked that my Kelly would do that to me.” I had already opened my mouth to take in air from the too much crying I was in. It was as if I was the one in the pain as I saw my mother squeezing her cloth and freeing it on her laps.

“It was then the children came to my aid because he was about to start beating me when Amdala and the twins came to push him off me. All that I’m saying happened last night. He began beating the children and I was shielding them from him and he would try to beat me but the children would cover me. He got tired and started throwing our things out of the house. He even dragged all of us out of the house and locked the door. Me and my children had to go to the store to rest till this morning.” Mother’s eyes were blood-red. She used her hands to clean her eyes and her cloth to clean her nose. The strong lady I knew was gone. All I could see was a teenager who just broke up with her boyfriend, no it was worst than that.

“What really caused the argument?” Uncle Austin asked.

“Austin I don’t know oh, I don’t know,” mother said sobbing.

Immediately I got up from the sofa was going towards the door.

“Amdala where are you going?” Uncle Austin asked.

“I’m coming Uncle. I promise to be fast. I want stroll.” I faked a smile.

I got out of the house and checked my trousers to see if I had everything I needed. Yes, everything was complete. I have been planning this day since the day I saw mum crying out her eyes at home because of dad. It was time to do something I can’t go back on after doing. He doesn’t deserve forgiveness.

I took transport back to our home, our former home actually. The door was open, and I walked in and saw my dad’s clothes on the floor with a lady’s clothes. Her g-string was lying on the floor too. I picked it up and ripped it with the pocket knife I brought out of my pocket. I walked to my dad’s room and the door was slightly opened.

I opened it with force holding my knife tight only to be disappointed by what I saw. Father and the lady were already in a pool of blood on the bed. The knife fell from my hands.

I screamed in agony not because he was dead but because I wasn’t given the chance to rip his throat out of his neck. I was the one who was supposed to end him and that whore.

Read Part Two.

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