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Komplit Mumu

Na wetin carri nyafu-nyafu moni go enta pesin hand wey no sabi use am.
Na so e go dey do am like Wili-wili
wen de moni turn to one naira kwili-kwili.

No bi to dey chop isi ewu
or dey carri omoge dey dance skelewu.
Wetin com happen to evritin wey you wan do wen you neva get moni?
Abi yor brain don turn to gongoni?

Wen you see mumu wey hot like okpa
e no go tay im go go see Olokpa
becos one million go mek shout ye-kpa!
and im fit com dey slap pipo kpa-kpa.

Pesin wey no get sense
com get plenti moni
go dey pick plenti offense
even wen dem call am honi.

Like laba-laba wey don tire
im fit fly go enta fire.
Na so e dey do am for bodies wen im don manya
to com dey craze like pesin wey dem pursue comot from Panya.

Oya try get even na small sense.
No dey behave like komplit mumu,
wey go go clean nyash with im oyibo work license
com dey say ‘no bi me cos am, na my village juju’.

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