Clothed in thick muscles, you are called man.
You horrid beast of cowardice
You parade the piers like Mother Theresa,
Lie no more Jezebel,
Why hide your entity like a fox?

I have given up on these fake mountains,
They spew lies like the legend of the fountain of youth.
A phoenix they call themselves,
Cease your crowing foul chicken.

You are no better than Sodom and Gomorrah,
“Sodom and Gomorrah did evil,” the preacher preached.
His malice covered in pure white.
You hide in the light and walk naked in darkness,
Fake mountains clothed in flesh.

How dare you justify these lies?
Your image has me cursing the gods
What a horrid creature, now I see you true reflection.

You hypocrite,
A fake, a scam
Your fair mirror is broken and I see your hate.
I am disgusted by man.

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