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The Hidden Truth (Part 27)

Continued from the last part…

Mr Johnson’s POV

I saw as they hugged each other, I saw as Dave laid Ava’s head on his shoulder, I saw as they looked at themselves, there was this thing in their eyes, I had it then for Clara. They were in love. I cleared my throat getting their attention immediately.

“Are you guys dating?” I asked them. They were shocked. Immediately Ava’s hands left Dave’s. She looked at me with her round brown eyes just like my mother’s. She had this striking resemblance to my mom.

“No, why do you ask?” she asked me.

“Never mind.” I stood up immediately. Dave and Ava looked at me. “I’ll be in the doctor’s office,” I said and they nodded. I left immediately.

Ava’s POV

“I think we should be more careful, even Mr Johnson taught we are dating,” I told Dave.

“Can’t you see it? We are in love. I’m in love with you, you are in love with me. I—”

“Cut it out Dave, I’m not in love with you,” I groaned.

“Really, oh yeah. Okay, now look into my eyes and tell me you aren’t in love with me, just tell me that you don’t love me,” he said quietly.

I turned to him immediately, I looked at him, at his lovely eyes, he was damn handsome, I couldn’t say it, I turned my eyes away.

“We shouldn’t be discussing this, my mom is—”

“Are you going to avoid this question? Ava you just—”

“Dave, stop!” I shouted, got up and rushed outside.

Mr Johnson’s POV

I came out of the doctor’s office thinking. So Clara has a heart failure and never let anyone know? Why is she endangering her life? So she decided to hide everything, shit.

I saw Ava sitting down on the hospital bench, she was thinking, I pity the young girl. She’s still little to carry such burden, both her mom’s and brother’s, it’s too much for her. I walked up to her and sat beside her.

“Ava,” I called amicably, she turned to me and smiled.

“Sir,” she answered.

“I’ve gone to the doctor, he told me what happened to your mother.” I paused.

“And what happened to her?” she asked curiously.

“Heart failure,” I replied.

“Heart what? You mean my mom has a heart failure? how? when?” she asked.

“For a long time now, she’s been ill for a long time, Ava.”

“And she never let us know, most especially me? Why would she hide it? why? Mom why?” she cried.

My heart was drawn to her, I looked at her face, drops of tears fell off her eyes. No she has cried enough. I used my hand to wipe off the tears.

“Mom should have said so, now it has deteriorated to this, mom…”

Dave’s POV

I came out of Ava’s mom ward and came forward to where Ava and Mr Johnson were discussing, I sat down beside Ava as I held her hands. I squeezed it playfully, she looked at me, that was when I noticed the tears that clouded her eyes.

“What’s happening? why are you shedding tears?” I asked sadly. I can’t see her cry, it weakened my bones.

“My mom has a heart failure, she’s not waking up any time soon and she hid it, she hid it away from us, why?” Ava cried the more.

“Ava, you need to stop crying, I promise I’ll find your brother before she wakes up” Mr Johnson said as she sat down.

“Thank you, Mr Johnson, I appreciate,” Ava thanked him.

“It’s alright. I will take my leave now,” he said and left.

“Let me take you home,” I offered.

“No, I will stay with my mom tonight.”

“Then we stay together,” I said.

“You don’t have to, and besides you’ve done so much for me, you already have match with the Blues tomorrow,” she chipped in.

“If you say so,” I replied, gave her money to buy something to eat and left for home. I needed to prepare very well tomorrow, the competition would be starting tomorrow.

I rushed home, I met my father in the sitting room discussing with a old woman, I greeted the old woman and my dad, trying to rush upstairs when he called me back. I walked back to him.

“This is your granny, your mother’s mother,” he introduced. I was astonished.

“My what?” I asked yet again.

“Your granny,” he repeated. I was really confused right now, when I asked my dad about my mother’s relatives, I was told they were no more. How come I have a granny? I thought within me.

“Are you kidding me? I have a grandma, dad? And you never let me know, why? So I’ve been with a liar all my life, dad?”

I watched as he came closer to me, held my shoulders, I looked at the woman sitting before me, she had this sad look that I didn’t understand.

“I will explain later,” I immediately put off his hand away from my shoulder.

“What lie do you want to tell again? Dad I’m highly disappointed in you, this is the height of it, it’s high time you stayed on your own, I hate liars,” I blurted out angrily and rushed upstairs, slammed the door, sat on the bed and wept.

Mr Lucas’ POV

“That’s what I’ve been suffering from for the past few weeks, granny. That’s why I sent the letter so that you could make him feel at home, he needs a mother,” I told Granny, yes I call her Granny and I’m used to that.

“He’s in pain, I pity Dave, since my daughter left, he’s not been himself. I hope he finds a woman who will take care of him like a mother should. I promise to do what I can to bring him back because right now he’s already far, very far from us.”

“I love him very much, I love my son very much and he doesn’t know that, I need to find the doctor again, he might have a solution to his problem, he needs to know how he lost his memory and that of his mother’s death. As much as I don’t want to see him mad, of what use is it to see him in pains?” I said.

“It shall be well.”

Dave’s POV

Early the next morning, I prepared for school, rushed downstairs with my car keys, I perceived this aroma, it’s been awhile I ate at home and I was damn hungry.

“Granny?” I called, she looked at me from the dinning, I smiled and went over to her. “You cooked?” I asked surprised.

“I cooked for my grandson, come and eat,” she said. I looked at her for a while and went over to her, I sat down, she opened the food and it was my favorite. My mouth was already ready to devour the food. “Your favorite,” she said to me.

“Wow, you know my favorite,” I told her.

“Yeah, you’re my grandson. I trained you and—”

I’ve already started eating and enjoying the food. It was so nice and tasty. My dad came downstairs, I stood up immediately.

“You’re not eating anymore?” she asked.

“Yes, I’m okay Granny.”

“Take this,” she said providing a lunch box.

“You made a lunch box too?” I asked as I collected it.

“I always do.”

“Thanks Granny. I’m late,” I told her.

“Not a kiss?” she asked. Hmm that was new to me, I went over to her and kissed her forehead. She smiled.

“Best of luck son, take care of yourself!” she shouted as I walked past my dad without uttering any word, to my car. I’m gonna give this to Ava when I get to the hospital.

Gideon’s POV

I woke up, I could see them sleeping deeply as they snored loudly. This was the right time for my escape. I took out the fork I hid earlier after the meal.

I smiled as I gently untied the rope on my hands, then my legs quickly and stood up to leave, I tiptoed to the huge one lying down on the sack and walked up to him to get the keys, I bent down beside him and ran my hands through his pocket. I slowly took off the keys and tiptoed towards the door, the keys fell off making a loud noise, I bent down immediately behind the sack, the huge one turned over and over again and continued sleeping.

I offered a quiet prayer, walked up to the door, slowly inserted the door and it creaked open. I opened it and took off.

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