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From Me to Me

You have lied, you have cried
You have died too many times
Backstabbed and denied
Because you loved, because you cherished
Just too many times

But you lied; for what good?
For money? or for food?
Oh! I know why, yes I know
For everything and everyone you loved so

I feel all that you feel
So I hope that the wounds heal
But hope is one thing that escaped our grip
To the farthest seas
Oh, if life was a ship

I am you, you are me
One can set the both free
I am your wings and you are my stride
You are my downfall and I’m your lost pride

I’ve been here since the beginning
Long enough to accept you as pleasant poison
I die slow even if I’m your lifeline
I am you, you are me
Surely you will die with me, so it’s all fine

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