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My Silvery Hair (Episode Twelve)

Continued from the last part…

Prianca’s POV

“Do you believe me now?” I asked grinning at their amazed faces.

Yap,” Eva replied, nodding.

I looked at Gabriel who seemed to be engrossed with something on my face.

“What is it?” I asked uncomfortably but pleased to know they weren’t afraid of me.

“Your… your hair,” he said pointing at it.
And that was when I noticed my silvery hair.

“Why isn’t it changing back?” Eva asked.
“It’s glowing.”

“Yeah, I forget to tell you that my silvery hair is part of my human form. I was born with it,” I said giggling.

“But we’ve known you with black hair,” Eva chipped in.

“Yes, and that is because I always dye it but unfortunately the dye always wears off whenever it comes in contact with water.”

“Come, let’s go to the car, I want to hear everything about your powers and mermaid world,” Gabriel said winking at me before dragging me towards the car.

Together, we walked towards the car, and I spent three hours telling them my story and answering their questions.

When they were satisfied, we drove back home after they had promised me not to tell anyone else.

That night, I slept well and would have slept long if not for longer if not for my phone that woke me up with its annoying ringing tune which I’m planning on removing soon.

I picked the phone to see Eva and Gabriel calling which was kind of strange. I picked the call and connected it to a group call.

“What’s up, guys?” I asked sleepily.

“Guys I just had a wonderful dream last night,” Eva started not even bothering to greet.

“What a coincidence, I had a dream I also want to share,” Gabriel said.

“Okay, okay,” I said standing up from my bed. “Let’s hear Eva out.” I walked towards towards the large mirror in my room, checking out my silvery hair. I recalled what my dad said the previous day, when he saw it. He felt like I was killing my hair and told me to take care of my hair and I should be proud of it, but the truth was that I was dyeing it because it reminded me of the ocean, which I want to forget so that I can live comfortably as a human.

But honestly after hearing the same thing from my friends who shared the same opinion with my dad, I have decided to keep the hair like this. Let it flow as bright as it wanted. No more hiding.

“Okay, I had a dream about you,” Eva said, reminding I was still on a phone call.

“Me?” I asked surprised.

“Yes, I had a dream that you took us out to a seashore and told us that you were a mermaid and you even changed to a mermaid,” she said and I could imagine the excited look on her face.

“Wow, how come I had the same dream?” Gabriel blurted out.

“Like seriously, are you guys being serious?” I groaned annoyed. “That was no dream, it happened yesterday, remember?”

“Wow, what?” they both said at the same time.

“Okay, if that’s true, that means today is your transformation night,” Gabriel said.


“Do you want us to come over, you know to keep you company?” Eva asked.

“Yeah I will appreciate it if you do. I want to try it out for a change,” I replied. “Okay guys I need to go now.”

“Okay see you later,” Eva said and hanged up.

“Bye, take care of yourself,” Gabriel said and hung up. Just then I heard a knock on the door. Placing my phone on the vanity table, I went and opened it.

“Good morning dad,” I greeted my dad who was already dressed for work.

“Morning princess, how was your night and I hope I didn’t interrupt it?”

“No, not really, it was fine and I was already awake when you called.”

“Okay, I will be leaving now and I don’t think I will be coming back today because of the case I’m dealing with.”

“Okay, dad my friends will be coming over to spend the night here, I hope it’s okay with you?”

“It’s okay, just make sure you take care of yourself and the house.”

“Thanks dad,” I said hugging him before waving him goodbye.

Thank God today is Sunday. I climbed the large bed and slipped into a deep sleep with my thick blanket as covering.


I must have slept for a long because I felt weak when I woke up. Even to open my eyes was a problem. I finally won and opened my eyes, getting out of bed lazily.

I had a lot of work to do today. I went inside the bathroom taking my toothbrush and brushed my teeth for five minutes. After that, I removed my clothes and went into the bathroom for a cold shower. Using a towel to rub water off my hair, I opened my closet and took out a nice looking gown that reached down to my knees with short sleeves and buttons as decorations in the center in a vertical order.

I had to clean the floors, dust the chairs, c, and ook. Although I can use my music powers to do them, they need supervision to ensure a clean job. I clapped my hands and the needed tools got to work, while I did the supervision.


At eight o’clock on the dot, Gabriel and Eva arrived carrying a backpack which I was made to understand was their school clothes since they would be sleeping over.

We went to my room after receiving them and I brought the food I prepared (well more like supervised) and placed on the small table in my room.

“Did you make this?” Gabriel asked immediately he tasted the food.

“Yeah, obviously. We have no maid in the house,” I replied rolling my eyes. What a dumb question.

“Without using your powers?” he asked again.

“Not really,” I said sighing. “I used it but I supervised the cooking.”

Okay,” he said nodding.

“Why did you ask?” I asked, still eating.

“The food is too delicious to be true,” he said

“Hmmm… Eva, why aren’t you saying anything?” I asked. She was unusually quiet.

“Nothing, just observing my table manners since you guys have lost yours,” she said and looked at me. “Honestly, I wish I can cook like you, but that will only happen when I am allowed into the kitchen.”

“You know you can come over here and learn anytime you want,” I said, squeezing her hands reassuring.

“Okay let’s finish our food, no more talking,” I said removing my hands from hers.

“I’m bored,” Gabriel blurted out, few minutes after the meal.

“Let’s play a game,” Eva suggested

“Which game should we play?” I asked.

“Truth or dare,” Eva suggested. “Truth or dare?” Eva asked Gabriel when it fell on him.

“Uhhmm… truth, ” he replied and I smiled knowing the question on Eva’s mind.

“Who is the girl you are always chatting with and are you in love with her?” she asked folding her hands.

“It’s, it’s Danielle,” he replied. “I don’t know if I love her, but I do like her.”

I looked at Eva in shock, who had the same look on her face.

“Wow, have you told her yet?” I asked curiously.

“No, I’m afraid. I don’t have the courage to, what if she reject me? Unless you want to help me with your powers,” he said pleading with his eyes.

“Nope, count me out, I don’t use my powers for such,” I said and spinned the bottle, ignoring his pleas.

“Prianca, your hair,” Eva suddenly whispered in the middle of the game.

“My hair?” I asked cluelessly.

“Yes, your silvery hair is glowing,” Gabriel said. I quickly took a look at the heart-shaped clock and realised it was 12:00am.

“It’s time,” I said standing up.

“Should we go outside?” Gabriel asked.

It’s dangerous for them to stay in the same room with me during my transformation.

“Hurry, go into the bathroom!” I shouted. They opened the door before stuffing themselves inside.

I directed my hands towards my silvery hair, which had risen from my neck to create a sound proof as usual, before going on my knees, before lying on back with my hands above my head and hair parted.

I could feel my body tearing apart like I was being cut into bits and pieces, making me scream. Slowly and painfully, I transformed into my mermaid form with my hair high up as if on fire.

“My princess, today marks the end of your transformation and all the other powers will be given to you tonight. Be careful and you will always be welcome to Atlanta anytime you want,” the voice stopped speaking. It was the voice of the sea. The end of the transformation was here at last.

I could feel the powers surging through my body in the form of colours, while I smiled.
The pain soon disappeared and I felt a new flow of energy in my body after transforming back. My silvery hair also returned to it’s normal position.

I slowly slipped into unconsciousness.

To be continued…

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