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Miranda (Episode Three)

Continued from the last part…

Robert got dressed for the meeting. Today, he would meet that lady giving him sleepless nights, Peyton.

He wore a dark jacket over his white, long-sleeved inner shirt, matching it with his blue pant, taking a last look at the mirror, he set out for work in his shiny Lamborghini.

The venue of the meeting wasn’t too long a drive, he imagined what Peyton would look like, he had been working effortlessly to beat her to it. For the past sixteen years, Robert has never been beaten hands down in business, if Peyton should overthrow him, then she would get herself influential, the press were always on the stand waiting to write headlines like “Robert Meyer after a long time finally got a rival whom beat him hands down at the purchase of Slemos Recycling Company.”

He hissed at that silly thought, it better not happen, even if it will, then it wouldn’t be a lady, he wouldn’t accept defeat from any woman, maybe not in this world.

He found himself in the cozy meeting hall, he took the fourth and last seat on his roll, the first three seats were occupied already. At the other side of the table, a chubby lady, white-skinned and brown eyes occupied the first seat on her roll, two men followed, taking the third and fourth chairs. Robert took closer looks at her boobs since that was one feature he could easily see from where he sat. She wore a yellow turtle neck top and a grey jacket over her shoulder. He need not be told, this was Peyton Shakes. He sank back into his chair and flashed her a smile, she was so beautiful and he couldn’t wait to rub those boobs in his face.

Peyton felt a little discomfort, her eyes kept meeting that of Robert, this was the first time she was meeting him in person, she had only heard about his promiscuity, business ideas, intelligence and principles. She reached for her tinted spectacle somewhere in her bag and wore it over her eyes. Robert smiled at her reaction, he knew she noticed his stares and he intended staring at her until her seat become too hot to sit on.

The chairman’s representative walked in, everyone sat up, except Robert of course, sometimes he just wanted to feel too big where he ought to be sober and serious.

Clearing his throat, the middle-aged man spoke. “Good morning lady and gents,” he started, “there can be only one buyer, everyone here has a very good offer but we would sell to only the best.” He paused looking up to see if anyone had anything to say.

Robert was carried away, he traced the lower part of his lip with his thumb, Peyton was a head-turner with her cheek-length straight blond hair.

“We would love to apologize for the inconvenience, the chairman isn’t here at the time due to unforeseen circumstances, therefore, this meeting and the sales of the company has been postponed, we would reach everyone of you via email stating the time for the next meeting. Have a pleasant morning,” he concluded standing up from the chair he sat, he immediately headed for the door.

Robert sat back intentionally, though the announcement was a relief, he would have had an heart attack if the winner was announced and it were to be Peyton. Come to think of it, this Peyton was smashingly beautiful, he was eager to see what she has got down there. He found himself attracted to her for her rare intelligence and smartness. Before every other person, Peyton stood up revealing the white short skirt she wore below her top and jacket, turning her back on Robert, he had a better view of her back side, exactly the type that drove him nuts, well shaped and capable of confusing a magician. He waited till she vacated the room before he got out of his seat, trailing her as she gently stepped on her four inches white heel.

“Hey Peyton,” he called her by her first name, trying to get her by surprise but she shocked him instead when she called him by his full name.

“Hello, Robert Meyer.” She smiled turning to face him. He stood in front of her beaming smiles, she waited to hear him out but he said not a thing, she was getting impatient now and made to leave.

He quickly pulled her by the arm and apologize. “I am sorry, I was lost. I haven’t seen a temptress as tempting as yourself.” She smiled, feeling flattered, after a long time, she finally stood in front of a man feeling flattered. “You know my name?” he asked, not knowing whether to be surprised or not, he was a successful businessman whose name was flying everywhere.

“And who doesn’t know Robert Meyer, the thirty-four-year-old billionaire?” She grinned revealing her fine sets.

Robert chuckled, the press kept blowing canard in the air, was he really thirty four? Maybe not.

“I like you,” he slammed it at her, Robert was very straightforward, he wouldn’t spend too much time persuading a chick to go to bed with him. If he ever said that he liked someone, then the person must have attracted him with something he rarely found, in the case of Peyton, he was attracted to her intelligence, she was so young and business oriented.

Peyton jaw dropped, not knowing what to say, she unconsciously left her mouth open for few seconds.

Feeling special and shy, she back walked out of the corridor covering her mouth with her palm. Robert watched her display her childishness, he only said he liked her, he hoped she could actually tell the difference between love and like, because he never loved, never ever.

He vacated the corridor too and left in his car.


Peyton returned to her silent castle, she paced up and down feeling childish and stupid for running out on Robert. She knew who Robert was, he was a very big businessman whom everyone want to partner with. She held her chest giggling at the reflash of Robert’s words, “I like you.”

In a very long time, she hadn’t felt this way, she felt a thousand butterflies flying freely in her stomach. She had to meet him again, but how? Having heard about Robert’s mood swings and promiscuity, she would never want to visit his work place. She was scared of a million things, what if she wasn’t allowed to see him? What would she tell him when she finally meet him? That she like him too? Oh, that sounded nice, but she didn’t have the courage to face the man of the time, Robert Meyer.

Jessica pressed the bell simultaneously, Peyton started, running door the stairs to get the door.

“Guess who I met today? Robert Meyer,” she announced excitedly holding Jessica to herself.

Rolling her eyes, Jessica wondered what just happened, Peyton hasn’t been this excited since the last six years.

“Really?” She struggled to breath from Peyton’s tight grip.

“Yes, I saw him, brown-skinned and green eyes just like we see it on the papers and TV, he stood in front of me, and… and…” She let go off Jessica, taking two steps backward, she demonstrated Robert’s looks and posture “And… He look me in the eyes and said, ‘Peyton, I like you’.”

“Wow, that was a big one!” Jessica remarked walking over to a sofa.

“I want this celebrated, let’s go clubbing, yes, tonight,” she added running around excitedly.

“Club, you Peyton? wanna party?” Jessica asked, taking off her lens, her eyes widened, her tongue stick out slightly.

“I’ll just stay home today and fix things up, we can go shopping too, you know? What about trying out new spices? A lot of fun it would be, that’s just what it gonna look like, I mean today’s schedule,” she blurted looking around to find any odd item in the ancient sitting room. “Yes, doesn’t this place seem like a graveyard? Too dry, ok, I would run some pop music, what about Micheal Jackson? Or you would rather Nikki Minaj?” She didn’t wait for a response, she ran up the stairs giggling.

“Oh, Robert, she’s going crazy,” Jessica breathed probing her neck towards the stairs to see if she could catch a glimpse of super excited Peyton.


Mira checked the notes nurse Patrica delivered to her, over $40. She jumped at the amount she was holding, she quickly got dressed and left for Robert’s company. As at the time she vanished from the house, there was no one at home. Mishal was usually home when everyone might have gone to college and work, but he finally resumed his new job which was expected to fetch him $1000 monthly. A good deal it was and the Walkers would forever be grateful to the lady who secured him the job.

Mira flagged down a cab taking her mind off the past day’s accident, she still needed the job; even though Mishal had promised to shoulder a larger responsibility of the family, she wouldn’t take chances, she would plead to get any post at all just to earn her a pay weekly or monthly.

Standing in front of the gigantic company she had failed to show up for her job interview two days back, she did a silent prayer, she had heard about Robert and his crazy principles, he was also said to be promiscuous and took turns having his female staff. Mira didn’t care if those news were true, all she wanted right now was for her to be employed after narrating the ordeal she went through two days back.

“Miss, we are no longer recruiting, your story is touching but I can’t do a thing about that, have a pleasant afternoon” Gabriella was on duty, she had a bed-warming deal to fulfil at Robert’s place tonight, she decided to dress hot for him, she wore a lap-clinging gown with a V neck shape which showed her soft, fresh boobs.

Mira fell into the settee in the visitor’s room, Her family would skin her if they discovered that she left the house in her poor health condition in search of a job that she was obviously not going to get. She stood on her feet to leave, turning the knob of the door, she bumped into Robert.

She froze, she had just ruined his white shirt with her lipstick stain, his black jacket which he held in his hand fell off, he bent over to pick it up, not allowing it to get stained by dust.

Shaking and feeling stupid, she knelt on her kneels and began to plead holding his feet through his tinted blue suede shoes.

“Miss, up please,” he said looking down at her.

Mira gently and fearfully rose, she bent her head downward staring at her brown cheap sandals.

“Look me in the eyes,” he ordered, cushioned in request.

She shut one eye and opened the other as she raised her head to carefully look in the eyes of Robert. He recognized her at once. “Mira Walker?”

“Uhmm…” She made a sound surprised that he knew her name. His face brightened as she confirmed the name to be hers, he beamed a thousand smiles asking her to walk in front of him.

He said that just to feed his eyes with whatever she’s got behind her, unfortunately, he couldn’t see them clearly due to the blown modest gown she wore.

“Gabriella, what’s this?” His brows furrowed, he clenched his fist hitting it hard on the wooden desktop computer table. Gabriella flinched, fear gripped her, trying as much as possible to cover her revealing boobs.

Bending over to look in her eyes, he clenched his teeth and murmured words that only him and her could hear “I don’t mix work with feelings, if you ever want to dress this way, then do that for me tonight at the house and not here. I will get someone to replace you, go home and wait till dusk, we’d go clubbing.”

“But…” she tried protesting.

“I said go home and strip this rag off bitch!” he roared. Mira started, fear gripped her, Robert seemed to like to have temper issues.

If she would have to work here, she would have to be extra careful. He turned to face her, smiling with a bright face. “Ladies first,” he said stretching his hand vertically towards a giant door in front of them.

Mira nodded walking in her best gait towards the door. He turned to face Gabriella, his forehead wrinkled. “You are still sitting? You might get fired”

Not waiting for a response, he rolled up the sleeves of his white long sleeve shirt and headed for the door.

Sitting behind his desk, he found himself smiling at Mira, she sat in front of him trying not to look in his eyes.

“You skipped the interview?”

“Yes sir, I had an accident on my way here, I would take any post sir, I am desperately in need of a job.” She sat up looking in his direction but not his eyes.

Robert bit his lower lip, leaning forward, he beckoned on her to hold him, her eyes dilated, she slowly brought forth her hands and hid it in his palms. He smooched her forehands softly, they were as soft as silk. He really didn’t know what he was doing, he liked her from the time he saw her passport image. Aside from the scratch on her cheek, she was just too pretty, Robert’s head turned, he decided to shoot at her, a night with a queen like her would earn him good luck and a beautiful week.

Just when he was about making her a offer, she withdrew her hands from his, he stared at her with widened eyes, no woman shied away from his touch, she was different.

He decided to keep his want to himself, maybe for now. He would definitely employ her and one day, have a taste of her.

“What do you need a job for? You haven’t rounded up with college”

“Financial situation sir, I need the job to pay bills, college bills,” she said.

Robert nodded. “Still at college, you need all the time to study, I have a job for you anyway, but under one condition.”

“What? I would do it as long as it doesn’t involve prostitution and anything illegal,” she simpered.

Robert took a closer look at her, did she just say she wouldn’t sell her body? Strange.

“Really? You think prostitution is bad? What if I ask you to warm my bed just once?” He smirked expecting a positive response.

“I would still say no sir, it’s against morality,” she responded as polite as ever. Robert sank back into his chair, very, very, strange.

“Be my personal assistant, $500 for a salary, monthly,” he offered. There was no job vacancy at the company at that moment but he wouldn’t let this lady go. He want to keep her close to him and a personal assistant would be more than close to him.

Mira’s jaw dropped, she didn’t believe the offer she got, Robert’s personal assistant? $500 for a salary even as a college student? That was huge.

“I… I… think I can’t do this sir, a personal assistant to Robert Meyer? No sir, I am not qualified,” she said igniting the fire of anger in him.

Banging his fist against his table, he raised his voice at her, “I choose who works for me, resume at once. Good day.”

Read Part Four.

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