Banter with Nature

I am sitting on Earth
Sitting in Nature
With the sun on my left
And the birds scattered everywhere

The birds are looking at me
Wondering what I’m doing
But I can’t give them an answer
Because I myself don’t know

I am just a keen observer
Of Earth’s finest moments
The pen and paper carries my thoughts
And the wind, my voice

As I sit, I notice a patch of green grass
It had been beside me the whole time
But just like a pirate with an eye patch
I hadn’t seen it till I turned

The green grass looks dangerous
Like a porcupine’s back on defense mode
It lay close to me, paying close attention
As my pen dances on my paper

I am just a boy
But a man at heart
Call it ego; call it pride
But I haven’t met my match

I now hear echoes of human sounds
As they played and worked and fought
I wonder how better or worse they’d be
If they actually evolved

The birds are now leaving one by one
Because I’ve ignored them for some time now
I’m seeing anger in the faces of the trees
Because I didn’t mention them at all

To avoid being lynched by the angry mob,
I now take my leave…

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