Mr Lecturer!

Here I am, today,
Here I am, in these four walls of hell,
Here I am, staring at my scores,
Here I am, wondering what went wrong.

Here I am, in his office,
Here I am, looking at my father’s age mate,
Here I am, listening to his balderdash,
Here I am, transfixed to my chair.

Here he is, wearing an evil grin,
Here he is, speaking so immorally,
Here he is, no longer a lecturer of ethics,
Here he is, asking sex for grades.

Here I am, wondering how I failed,
Here I am, eyes closed as tears drop,
Here I am, remembering mum’s wish for first class,
Here I am, scared that it might fade away.

Here we are, as students of Nigerian universities,
Here we are, faceless and nameless,
Here we are, powerless against vile lecturers,
Here we are, hoping for an end to sex for grades.

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