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My Med School Lover

I don’t like love tales.
They make me cringe in anger.
Why would you make love look like a rabbit with no tail?
Something adorable and vulnerable?

I was in my third year when we met.
My med school lover.
He captured me in his love’s net.
I tried to break free.
He still stood planted in my heart like a sturdy tree.

My med school lover
I was in my final year.
I wanted to always be in his bossom.
Whispers of loud romance and screams of tiny affection.
We finally became two birds nestled in love’s nest.

My med school lover.
We graduated.
Both glad to finally hold love’s prickly but warm hands.
We lived in the love.

My med school lover.
Both certified doctors.
I grew into a woman weary of love.
He tried to hold me with those affectionate words.
I was ready to refuse it.
We hugged and I pushed my pretty pen knife of hateful words in his heart.

My med school lover.
I stood by his grave.
Dropped a sunflower on it and turned the other way.
Never looking back.
Never coming back.
I detested love, for it never saved.

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One Comment

  1. Sister you killed me🌹🌹🌹 Aye! I can never fall in love AGAIN.

    I have a problem with the punctuations 😔😔
    BEAUTY 🤯🤯 🤯

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