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A Creative Mind

It all starts with an idea
A thought process
A feeling
A truth

It hits you like a clenched fist on a face
But it hits incomplete, unfinished
Then you get to work
You try to complete it, finish it

You do it and undo it
You redo it and continue to do it
Your aim is to complete it
But the truth is you’ll never finish

It’ll always look incomplete to you
It’ll always seem like it’s unfinished.
And just like Adam felt when he woke up,
you’ll always feel like something is missing.

And in the middle of it all
You’ll lose yourself
And when you hit a wall
You’ll blame yourself

You’ll see yourself as inadequate
As the dumbest person on earth
As just a wannabe
As a bird that has no vocal chords

But then at this point, something happens
Something almost magical
In the darkest part of your mind
A spark will ignite a fire and light it up

You might call it instinct or luck
You might call it God’s inspiration
But its simply just sheer will
The will to complete it

That’s how you do it
By never giving up
That’s how its done
By going through the process

That’s how you create…

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