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The Play Boy’s Diary (Part 17)

Continued from the last part…

Danielle walked out of the class and Rose followed her, she glared at her before leaving finally. Rose quickly went in search of Danielle.

“Where could she have gone right now? Did she become a spirit now? How come she disappeared right now?” Rose asked no one in particular, then she decided to dial her number and she instantly picked it.

“Where are you Danny? I’ve been looking for you, tell me where you are,” Rose said into the phone with a very worried expression.

“Sis, you left me stranded in school? How am I going to get home now? I can’t walk home.” Rose stomped her foots.

“Don’t worry, our driver will come and pick you up when I’m home,” Danielle said.

“But are you sure you are okay?” Rose asked worriedly.

“I’m fine, don’t worry,” Danielle answered and hung the call. Rose sighed and went back into the class, she sat down on her seat and started playing some games to get her busy till the time the driver would come and pick her.

She looked up and saw Amelia in front of her. “What do you want now or do you want to make another scene here?” Rose asked.

“You knew about this, right?” Amelia asked in frustration, Rose chuckled and stood up.

“You knew about Danielle’s too, right? It serves right for you, there’s no cheating here. You set her up and she set you up, what a coincidence,” Rose said and left the class.

She went to the cafeteria and sat alone. Where’s Ian now, I miss him,” she said and placed her head on the table.

“Did my love missed me so much?” Ian said from behind and Rose quickly raised her head.

“You came at the right time dear,” Rose said and quickly hugged Ian.

“I love your perfume today baby,” Ian said, placing his face on her uniform.

“It was Dani that suggested I use this perfume today. To me it smells awful but you know I must listen to her, else she won’t give me a breathing space,” Rose said and sighed loudly.

“Talking about Dani, how did that happen?” Ian asked Rose.

“Isn’t it obvious that it was a set up? We knew her plan from the beginning so we already planned ours,” Rose said and Ian went closer to her.

“How did you figure out her plan?” Ian asked.



Rose and Danielle were going to their training base when a short plump girl stopped in front of them.

“Hey what are you doing in front of us? We have somewhere to go,” Rose said and the didn’t move.

“Wait, aren’t you the girl that poured coffee on me that day?” Danielle asked her and she nodded. “But what are you doing here?” Danielle asked.

“Actually I wanted to say sorry,” the girl said and Danielle and Rose looked surprised.

“Sorry for what? It’s just coffee and I said it was okay,” Danielle said.

“That coffee wasn’t accidental, I was sent by Emma to pour that coffee on you, she said you will definitely go to the the washroom to clean up so she will lock you up in the toilet. But she didn’t know that Ian and Ryan will quickly figure out where you are,” the girl said and Danielle couldn’t help but be surprised.

“What the—you mean the same Emma? That claims to be my friend?” Danielle asked.

“You see what I told you about friends, they will be behind everything that’s happening to you, yet they will still act like they are saints,” Rose said.

“Right now they are planning against you, she asked me to keep my phone in your bag and that I should claim that I’m looking for my phone, and I saw her collecting Amelia’s phone earlier,” the girl said and Danielle swung her hair back.

“What’s your name?” Danielle asked.

“Lia,” she answered.

“Don’t worry Danielle, I’ve figured out a plan,” Rose said and Danielle nodded. “Now Lia, you have to trust me. They won’t do anything to you, just keep your phone in Amelia’s bag. They want to frame Danielle for theft, but Amelia too will be revealed. When they confront you, just look tough and don’t let them get a chance to bully you, but when you feel like you can’t face them then come and meet me,” Rose said and the girl left.

“Rose, wait don’t you know that I and Amelia will be suspended from school for two months? I’m not concerned about the cleaning but what about all the lessons that are taught in school? how am I going to learn what you guys have done in the cheerleading group?” Danielle asked and Rose smiled.

“Have you forgotten that I’m your twin, I can teach you everything at home, but now, Amelia as the leader of Dominion is leaving the school for two months, there’s no one that can match her skill in her group, so their defeat starts now,” Rose said and Danielle quickly reasoned it. She hugged Rose tightly.

“Come let’s go. We are running late,” Rose said.


Present Time…

Ian and Rose did a high five. “You are the best planner I’ve seen,” Ian said.

“Flattery has started,” she said and scoffed, Ian tickled her and they both laughed.

Ryan came to meet them and Rose frowned immediately. “What’s up, buddy?” Ryan greeted Ian.

“I’m fine,” Ian said coldly.

“What’s up with the attitude guys?” he asked.

“Ryan when will you stop this for heaven’s sake? Do you know how much you hurt Danielle? Just because she wanted to wait and hear what you wanted to say to her, probably that you love her because she loves you,” Rose said and Ryan just looked away.

“I know you know that she loved you, she didn’t quickly attend to her father—I mean our father—that day, we lost dad,” Rose said and Ryan looked surprised.

“What?” he asked.

“And now could you even have the guts to talk to her that way? She loves you so much that she is always a weakling in front of you, no matter how hard she tries to carry her head up high to talk back at you, she doesn’t do it but ends up crying. Must you use every girl’s feelings against her? At least try out love for once,” Rose said and Ryan sighed

“No, no, they don’t deserve love,” he said and Ian scoffed.

“That’s what you keep saying. Will you ever love again?” Ian said and knocked his head.

“Try to beg Danielle,” Rose said and left, Ian also did the same.

“Oh, this is frustrating.”

To be continued…

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