My Moonflower

I never imagined, I never believed
That the night could be so perfect
The moon all round and cheerful
The moonlit sky, adorned with those shiny tiny dots
The consistent sounds of night creatures
Accompanied by the careless whistle of the wind

But what was more beautiful
Was the perfect body that laid beneath me
Her back on the grass and her eyes devouring my soul
Her round smooth face defined beauty for what it was
Even in the dim light, I noticed her quivering lips
But I knew that the cold wasn’t to be blamed

Our hearts beat loud and harmoniously
I couldn’t tell which heartbeat was mine
I could feel my blood boiling with excitement
Inside me, adrenaline had a mind of its own

With a smile that switched off my mind
And her voice, barely louder than a whisper
She finally spoke, “Tell me something crazy.”
Still in the state of hypnosis she put me, I replied,
“I couldn’t love you less if this was a dream
Or if you were not real, or if you were a myth.”

I don’t know if I was intoxicated by the beautiful moment
But I’m so sure I saw a rainbow in her eyes
She kept a steady, anticipative stare
Like she was expecting my next words
“I envy myself for having you as mine.”

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