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Conquer Your Fear

Yesterday felt like a bomb in my mind-space when I was summoned to the meeting of top officials in my primary place of establishment. It was just for an official reason, but like the breezing dust in savannah, my self-confidence fizzled out before my eyes.

“Are you OK?” my colleague pinned to my ear as soon as I closed my office’s door.

“Yes, I am,” I replied. But inwardly, I exuded timidity.

“Then, prepare your mind.” He smiled.


“So Miss Blessing, where did you say your surname originated from?”

“Well, my dad actually explained the story behind the name, he said it was my grandfather’s alias when he was in the North.”

“Really, so you mean your dad adopted his father’s alias as his family’s name?”

“Yes, sir. But he had it changed recently.”

“But you shouldn’t because you would be dropping it soon.”

I smiled. “Of course, very soon.”

I was no longer feeling jittery any longer, my new self had conquered my fearful self. Coupled with the fact that the dignitaries I had a conversation with were jovial and very approachable.

And finally, when they addressed my main purpose of being with them. I had conquered my fears. I had to conquer myself, because I often visualized myself dining and wining with the greats. I had to conquer my fear because life is for the brave and not the chicken-hearted. And I had to conquer my fear because these were still the pathways to my ladder of success. And I must climb it!


P. S: Have you conquered your fear?

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