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Taylor: Vodka

It’s been three years now, three years since we broke up. I don’t seem to understand how she could move on and I couldn’t. I don’t know if I’m the stupid one, thinking about this makes me hurt the more.

I’ve tried though, I’ve tried lots of times, to get someone else, I’ve been in seven different relationships after her, but something is up with me, I just know it. All seven girls I’ve dated broke up with me, for lots of reasons—dumb reasons if I may add. I’m not sure if I’m the dumb one or the reasons were.

Cleo, the first of many, broke up with me because of sex; she said I didn’t do it right, but how could I when I saw nothing but Taylor staring angrily at me beside my bed while I was doing my business with Cleo? But anyway, that reason is dumb; who breaks a relationship because of bad sex?

Jennifer, who I loved to call Jenny, broke up with me for an entirely different reason. Well, not completely different, but it was a dumb reason. She didn’t enjoy kisses in the morning because of bad breath. I don’t know if it was mine or hers, but she had told me countless of times not to kiss her with morning breath. Of course I was too dumb to listen because Taylor enjoyed our morning kisses the most; she believed it to be a system of pre-washing the teeth (wherever that idea came from). Jenny broke up with me after a week of constant remainder. Who does that?

Nicole, the third of the seven, she was different, I mean she was beautiful, more beautiful than Taylor, but she was different. I knew nothing about her, I met her in a club and that’s all I knew. She enjoyed clubbing and sex, we dated for three months but it just seemed like a ‘Sex with Nicole Sitcom.’ She came to my place three times in a week, and we’ll have sex and then nothing; we were either watching TV or playing games or well, having sex. I kinda enjoyed the relationship cause I had to just assume she liked and hated everything Taylor liked and hated, but it turned out that wasn’t the case as she got tired of me doing things she hated and broke up with me.

Tammy came into the picture… and well it was fun at first. It was fun all through until I started screaming Taylor’s name during sex. I mean, you’d think after three relationships, I’d forget about Taylor, but apparently here’s the exhibit—I screamed Taylor’s name and Tammy broke it off with me. Maybe it was the similar ta sounds that they shared or maybe I was dumb, in any case I blame myself for that.

Cassandra was next; she was a damsel, the first real life model that I dated. She had it all—the sexiness and everything. But she broke up with me cause she was a fucking neat freak. Imagine breaking up with me because I kept the empty peanut butter bottle in the fridge. Well at least it wasn’t related to sex. I thought I had gotten over my bad sex days until Katie

Katie was the longest—three months. One week we dated she was fun and jovial and I wasn’t messing up. She was pretty tolerant of my shortcomings and I thought I had found my wife, wasn’t that a blow in the face? The day I was gonna propose she broke up. Women can be crazy and guess why she broke up with me, she said she was tired, tired of me, tired of the relationship. I guess it was too good to be true. Katie must’ve really messed with me because Cindy…

Cindy was the last of the seven. I did all six mess ups all over again. Our relationship was just three weeks. I saw Taylor while having sex with Cindy, she didn’t hate morning breath, but the first time I kissed her I apologized, she told me it was fine and wanted to continue but I refused. Then the empty jar of peanut butter came along with empty tissues in the bathroom. All these happened, d but the worst was that she saw the engagement ring I got for Katie. She lost it, broke up on a paper and ran away.

I know I probably messed up some of them but I believe Taylor was made for me. I broke up with her, I mean I broke up with her through a phone call, a phone call of seventeen seconds (she counted). But it was because I never felt valued by her, I loved her, but I wasn’t sure she loved me back. I know she has moved on, she’s dating some dude named Thomas, they’ve been together for three years.

But you know, it doesn’t matter. I’m gonna go to her and tell her I’m sorry and that I love her, no matter what. I believe I’ll feel much better even though she doesn’t accept me back.


“Taylor, hi.”

“Hey James, I was just coming to your place now.”

“You were, wow, really? Wait, why?”

“Oh, uhm, to share the good news.”

“Great, I also have a good news.”

“Oh what is it?” Taylor asked looking excited

“You go first.” James smiled.

“Okay! I was coming over to give you this.” She took out a card from her purse and handed it to James.

“What’s this?” James smiled nervously

“It’s an IV.”

“IV? You’re getting married?”

“Yes, to Thomas, isn’t that great? I mean, it’s been three years and we just wanna lock it down, make it official, isn’t that a great news?” She sounded joyful.

“Oh, yes, it is,” James noted sadly.

“So, what’s your news?”

“My news? Oh my news… ” He gave a low chuckle.”Nothing it’s not important,” James said as he turned and left.

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